How WGA Stays on Top of the Arcade and Crane Machine Industry

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Any company that has dependencies on technology must keep up with the times. Just look at Blackberry. It was once a business giant, a leader in smartphone technology, but it failed to see the potential value of the touch screen and the apps that come along with the new operating system. Its CEO even once said that it is just a fad. Today, Blackberry is nothing short of gone.

Win n’ Grin is a great example of a success story of a company that kept up with the times. Many years back, it started out in a garage in Australia and grew to be one of Australia’s biggest names in entertainment games. Its main business is the development and construction of coin-operated machines and arcade games for all age groups.

If you are an avid casino player, you will notice that among the slot machines similar to those you see in Raging Bull Casino are some arcade games or those that let you capture a candy bar or something.  Even though this looks weird, it is not really unusual for adults to play these crank arcades since they get tired of playing at the tables sometimes. WGA is one of the world’s premier suppliers of games like this. But how did the company get there?

High-Quality Machines and Customer Support

WGA does not only build these machines, sell them, then completely forget about them. They provide a high level of support to their customers, even after the sale. First of all, the company invests heavily in the quality of the raw materials used in their arcade games.  Next comes an unparalleled customer support structure. To name a few, a customer can expect:

  • Personalised technical support over the phone or online
  • Warranty coverage of up to two years
  • Parts replacement
  • Game monitoring options through SMS
  • Marketing materials
  • Training guides

Since its customer base is comprised of business institutions, it is imperative that these operators get adequate technical support when the machines, for any reason, stop working. Although these operators have their in-house technicians, there are certain nooks and crannies that only a certified WGA technician can fix.

The warranty program of Win N’ Grin commences after the shipment of the machine. The company offers one year of warranty for the entire system. For the circuit boards, they offer two years. Like other businesses, the warranty does not cover normal wear and tear or damage due to vandalism, improper care, and negligence.  

Product Variation

WGA did not limit itself with arcade games. It introduced a wide array of machines to entertain different types of crowds. Apart from developing new games, the management also took a stab at trade-ins. They will trade a new machine for your old one or vice versa. They know how to earn from old machines that people no longer play.

Among their current offerings are the following:

  • Take One & Two Plush Cranes – this is an amusement crane that makes it easy for patrons to win. It has excellent sound systems, lighting and design, and it gives out two plush toys instead of one.
  • Chupa – this is a crane machine that offers lollipops of the same brand. The use of the brand is licensed, and it can give out as much as four lollipops if the player is fast enough.
  • You Choose – this is a claw machine that provides the operator with the ability to offer two products—one on each side. The vending machine is huge enough to house plush toys, and it has two separate claws on either side. The operator can also change the sizes of the claws to fit the product and choose different price points for each side.  Two players can give it a go simultaneously.

Machine Rentals

Since not so many people have the means to shell out $7,000 for a machine, Win N’ Grin decided to rent out popular machines in events.

Anyone hosting an event has the opportunity to maximise participation and revenue by renting these machines, fill them with goodies, and have visitors play. The rental system works best in clubs, business events, corporate gathering, birthdays, conferences, and live shows. 

To date, the most sought-after games are the following:

  • Chocolate Factory
  • Craneosaurus
  • Game On Footy
  • Cyclone
  • Plush Toy
  • Players’ Choice
  • You Choose


Win N’ Grin has come a long way from a garage operation to a huge factory.  Their key to their success is the management’s ability to be flexible and offer products that are trendy. They also understand that apart from slots, patrons of casinos will look for childish fun that has little to do with gambling. Adults always want to beat a claw machine.

They also look for different avenues to earn. To date, the company is offering free machines if the operator meets a financial threshold of products bought from Win N’ Grin. A promotion like this one is tempting enough and difficult to compete against. This is why and how WGA manages to stay on top of its industry.

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