After being made famous by Aziz Ansari’s Tom Haverford character in Parks and Rec – great show by the way – automatic robot like hoovers have started making their way to the market. Well, Tom’s was a Roomba, but they’re all very similar. The one we’re looking at today is the Hoover Robocom version 3, a robot vacuum cleaner that automatically hoovers your house at the press of a button. Handy right?

hoover robocom 3 vacuum cleaner 2

The Hoover Robocom 3 is a small disk type shape that uses infrared sensors built into its body to slowly crawl around your room. Even if you live in a place that has rooms connected by doors, as long as they’re open the Robocom will be able to get through them without banging into things. There have been times in my living room where the little robot has bumped into things like dining table chairs and such so it isn’t completely perfect, but it’s darn close. Over the two or so weeks I spent with the machine in my house I only moved furniture out the way a couple of times.

There is a charging station that sits on the floor in a corner of the room so the Hoover Robocom can return to when it realises its batteries are low. This is so practical because once the batteries have charged, the Robocom is back at it again to clean your floors. The battery lasts up to two hours which was plenty of time for the Robocom to make its way around the office. There are two ways of being abler to control Robocom. The first is via a wireless remote that’s included with the product or the second is using Hoover’s dedicated app and a WiFi signal.

hoover robocom 3 vacuum cleaner 6

The app is extremely simple to use, and most options are pretty self explanitory. Connecting the Hoover Robocom 3 to my router proved to be a pretty easy task. The charging dock was placed near the router so there was a strong signal between the two.

Dust is definitely not a problem with the Robocom 3 and our wooden floors did look much cleaner after use. Unfortunately I couldn’t say the same about some carpets as things like fluff and heavier items seem to get caught in the fibres. The suction isn’t powerful enough to suck them up. There are four rotars that flick around stiff bristles but even these aren’t enough to tackle carpets like an upright hoover would. Thinner carpets worked a lot better however, so it really depends on the type you have in your home.

hoover robocom 3 vacuum cleaner 4

This is really the only flaw that I came across unless you count not being able to roam around difficult obsticles a flaw, but that’s neither here nor there really. The Hoover Robocom 3 is a pretty solid device that will clean hard floors well like wood and tile, but struggle on high threaded carpet. Robocom is currently retailing around £300 which for this gem of a gadget I feel it’s pretty fair.