We’ve seen a few products from Groov-e now and they have all been pretty decent. There latest addition is a new power pack called the GV-CH12000, catchy I know! First impressions are good, so let’s check it out!

You may have guessed from its descriptive name, the power pack is rated at 12,000mAh, comes in a brilliant white finish and is surprisingly light. Groov-e claim it can fully charge a smart phone up to six times before it needs charging. The full spec is as follows:

Capacity: 12000mAh [Lithium Polymer battery] Output: 5V/1A OR 5V/2.4A (Dual USB Ports)
Charging Time: 12 hours
Device Charging Time: 1-2hours
2No. USB ports – Charges anything that accepts USB.
Intelligent Charging with auto safety cut-off.
Battery level indicator
Built in Flashlight
Comes with connection accessories (Micro & Mini USB) & pouch

Typical packaging from Groov-e: distinctive logo, colour themes and protective as always. The power pack comes pre-charged, so straight out of the box I was able to use it. The unit itself is finished in glossy white, with a silver trim and is very similar in size to an iPhone 6, only being marginally taller and deeper. This is one of the lightest power packs I’ve held, which does concern me slightly, as it’s a known fact that batteries are heavy. The greater the weight, the more juice you get out. I will see if that concern is a reality. Overall, a very sleek and modern quality feel to the product.

There isn’t much more to say apart from it works. It was already pre-charged, so I plugged a cable in and started to charge my phone. I was also able to charge my tablet at the same time. That’s its key feature. The ability to charge more than one item is key in this current market, with most portable devices being charged via USB. I should also add there is a flashlight built-in. It’s bright enough and I’m sure some will find it very useful. I ran a few tests with my iPhone 6, at zero percent battery life. Full charge took just under two hours, without me using it at the same time. I imagine if I was playing with my phone it would take maybe twice as long to fully charge. I was able to get five full charges into my phone before having to recharge the power pack which I thought was very impressive. The indicator light on the pack helps identify when the pack needs to be charged.

Very easy to use, battery life is very good, it looks and feels good and it’s light. My concerns about its weight came to nothing. It performed very well and it only makes the pack more desirable as it wont weigh you down.

It currently retails at £59.99. For further info and to purchase, visit the official Groov-e website.