Geek Gear Box Review


It has been a couple of years since I got a subscription box through the post but one arrived last week and gave me that fuzzy feeling inside that I used to get. This box was from Geek Gear Box and was, in fact, their Wizardry specific box which, you guessed it, revolves around the magical world of Harry Potter.

Right now, Geek Gear Box has five different boxes on offer, the classic, which is a generic geek box based on a variety of themes and then four dedicate Wizardry boxes. These include the standard Wizardry box, wearable box, special edition box and a wand only box. Prices vary depending on which box you choose but for the standard Wizardry box, which we received, starts at £24.99 per month, lowering down to £21.99 for a 12-month subscription (3 & 6 months available too).

The standard box includes 1x t-shirt in your pre-selected size, 1x exclusive print and 4 or more other products. Geek Gear Box state on their website that each box is valued at over £50 or more and that’s a promise.

First off, the t-shirt. Standard Gildan tee with an A4 print to the front. Gildan makes decent quality tee’s for the price and I’ve got a few, no complaints from me not eh sizing or comfort level. I got a large tee, so the print does look quite small being just A4 but they have used multiple colours and the overall design its pretty cool. T-shirt is a winner with me.


Next, we had the exclusively licenced print, which came protected in a plastic and cardboard envelope, so it arrived in pristine condition. A nice print, it’s nice that it’s official and it would look good within a nice frame on the wall.

We then had the four other random items and these included another print, a bracelet, a prophecy orb and a potion bottle. The print was one of four and larger than the other, more poster-like. It’s an odd design of one of the Weasely twins and wasn’t really my cup of tea. There was also an exclusive charm bracelet which is subtle but pretty and then two ornaments. A prophecy orb sitting on a snake stand which I really liked and then a Skele-gro potion replica, both exclusive again.

Lastly, there was also a scratch card within the box, I didn’t win but it’s kinda cool you get that opportunity to win something extra each box.

Ordering is very simple, you just select your preferred box, how long you want to subscribe for and make payment. In comparison, the standard Lootcrate starts at £27 per month, with their Harry Potter specific box going for £39 every other month. It’s hard to compare, when box sizes, quantity and quality of items will differ but Geek Gear Box is the cheaper alternative on paper.

I like Harry Potter, I grew up with the movies. I’m not a huge fan but I did enjoy opening the box and seeing what was inside. At £24.99 (worse case) including delivery, I feel it’s a pretty decent price for a bit of excitement next month and some hot new merch. I question how many HP products there are and whether I could do a whole year of it but as a gift or for a few months, highly recommend.

If you’re interested in finding out more, head over to the official Geek Gear Box website.

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