Flying hover boards and automatic lace up Nike’s, wait, Nike has done that right?! Robots, Light sabers, Holograms, Interstellar Travel and those tiny food cubes, that once heated, turn into an amazing plate of food, are just some of the types of technology, that we see in our favorite Sci Fi movies, that we would love to have in our lives.

Sure, people have been trying to replicate movie technology for years but nothing is quite there yet. We know Honda started to work on there first robot, Asimo, back in the 80’s, and now he can really do some amazing things. Fortunately there hasn’t been a Skynet type of situation yet, so our lives remain safe.

Sir Richard Branson and his team of nerds have been at the forefront of commercial space travel, with Virgin Galactic. Latest we’ve heard from them, is that they have had a successful first flight in Decmeber, which marks the first time that a vehicle built by their sister organisation, The Spaceship Company, has flown fully under its own control. When we will get up there? Who knows but get saving, rumor has it a flight ticket may set you back ¬£250,000!

Vouchercloud has compiled the below infographic profiling some of the technologies we would most like to see become a reality, and researched just how soon we could be seeing them make an appearance in the real world.