The worlds biggest and most popular Comic Con is fast approaching and while people start to assemble there costumes, Funko have been working hard. Over the last couple of weeks, Funko have announced this years San Diego Comic Con Exclusive Pop Vinyls and Dorbz!

If you know anything about Funko Pops or Dorbz, limited edition SDCC Pops & Dorbz are among some of the most desirable around. Prices at the convention are fair, but the second you get outside, prices tend to rocket up and continue to over the coming weeks, months and years. Some SDCC exclusives going back 3 or 4 years ago, currently sell for hundreds on the second hand market. Anyway, lets see whats going to be up for grabs!

Firstly we have The Powerpuff Girls, from the classic TV shows that we all grew up with. Blossom, Bubbles & Buttercup.

Next up we have Peter Potamus & So-So 2-pack (750pc LE) from Hanna Barbera. 2 Duck dodgers, glow in the dark white gamma (1500pc LE) & glow in the dark blue gamma (750pc LE). We also have a new Scott Pilgrim!! Scott Pilgrim vs. The World – Sex Bob-Omb 3-pack

Now we have some of my personal faves! A Translucent Glitter Green Goblin with Glider, A Batman v Superman – Superman (False God variant) and a black & white Thumbs Up Deadpool!

Followed by a selection of Haunted Mansion Pops! Ezra (White Glow Glitter – 1000pc LE), Gus (White Glow Glitter – 1000pc LE), Hatbox Ghost (Blue Glow Glitter – 1000pc LE) & Phineas (White Glow Glitter – 1000pc LE).

The next two have been regularly discussed within the community and are wanted by many. Since the second wave of Willy Wonka Pops was announced, minus Violet, many had hoped she would be a SDCC exclusive and they’re in luck. Also the first ever Doctor Strange pop will be available.

Next we have something for all the Walking Dead fans, a burning walker, which does look awesome! We also have Cursed Barbossa and Marcus Fenix with Head variants from Gears of War, the first of which is 1000pc LE.

There will also be Dug with Cone, from Disneys Up (Toy Tokyo LE), Vampire Buffy & Vampire Angel (Toy Tokyo LE) and 2016 Ghostbusters Red Ecto-1 with Slimer.

There will also be 3 Pop variants of the Hair Bear Bunch, brown, blue and purple, all of which will be 750pc LE. Look at the hair!

We also have a very cool looking Malcolm Merlyn from the TV Series, Arrow, a Nightmare Before Christmas, Pajama Jack Skellington and a pretty mean looking over sized 6″ Doomsday from the new Batmans vs Superman movie.

…yes, we’re still going! Funko just keep making these awesome announcements! Next up we have yet another Deadpool! Seriously, there are so many variants now but this is one of the better ones (cowboy deadpool). We also have Golden Freddy from Five Nights at Freddys, another mean looking 6″ Gorilla Grodd from The Flash and a 1966 Chrome Batmobile (Toy Tokyo LE).

Next we have the almighty, Mag The Mighty (6″) from Game of Thrones and a pretty sweet looking underwater Batman from Suicide Squad.

There will also be available Olivia Moore from iZombie, a very patriotic Snoopy in the American colours and a very cool double pack including Pete & his 6″ dragon!

Finally I am down to the last few! Funko made 8 separate announcements, filled with all these glorious SDCC exclusives and they may just have kept the best till last…

Last up we have the first Indiana Jones pop, Indy with his Idol and then something for the Star Wars fans at last! BB8 with his thumbs up and Han Solo with Chewies bowcaster.

and then there was one…Freddy Funko himself, in his own car! This will be limited to 500 pieces and I already know this will be the most popular, the most wanted pop from the event. You heard it here first!

So there we go, Funko have announced a tonne of awesome pops, Drobz and other figures and im sure most will be pleased with what they see, I know I am! Now the challenge begins…getting hold of one! If you’re lucky enough to be going to San Diego Comin Con, then please bring us back a couple!

Honorable mentions!

Drobz: Alice Through the Looking Glass 4-pack (750pc LE)
Dorbz Ridez: Wreck-it-Ralph – Vanellope
ReAction: Dark Crystal – Landstrider Box Set
Dorbz: Burton Batman 3-pack – Batman, Catwoman, Penguin
Dorbz: Hanna-Barbera – Huckleberry Hound (500pc LE)
Dorbz: Wreck-It Ralph 3-pack – Turbo, Ralph & Felix (750pc LE)
Rock Candy: New 52 Harley Quinn
Dorbz: Marvel – Chef Deadpool (1000pc LE)
Dorbz: Game of Thrones 3-pack – White Walker, Hound & Joffrey
Dorbz Ridez: Banana Splits – Bingo (300pc LE)
Dorbz Ridez: Banana Splits – Snorky (300pc LE)
Rock Candy: Catwoman (Purple Suit)
Dorbz: Stan Lee
Dorbz: X-men 3-pack – Wolverine, Ice-Man & Colossus