Fuel Ion Magnetic Mobile Charger Review

There’s one technology that baffles me, and that’s mobile charging. But wow do I like it.

Patriot are using wireless charging technologies to build mobile phone cases specific for particular models. I was able to check out one of their Samsung Note 3 cases and charger stands.

The case is very robust, I’ve done a few drop tests with it and so far no damages to the phone. It slips onto the phone with ease. Built into the case is a round metal ring. This ring needs to have contact with your phone’s battery for it to work, something I didn’t realise at first. Your back panel on the phone needs to be removed in order for this connection to become live.

The charger uses USB power. Again, on the charger is another ring but this time with minuscule prongs coming out of it. The case ring and prongs need to connect for a charge to flow. The charger uses magnets to keep the phone in place while resting against the stand. Works well, and charges quickly.

The charger can draw directly from a USB plug adapter so it saves you having to have a computer or laptop permanently on. If only you could transmit data this way using the Fuel Ion Magnetic Mobile Charger then you’d have a superb accessory for work purposes. Maybe next time?

The Fuel Ion Magnetic Mobile Charger comes in a variety of popular phone models and are available direct from Carphone Warehouse and retail for around £69.99.