When I first opened the Fresh ‘N Rebel Clam Wireless Over Ear Headphones I thought they’d be a gimmick. They’re chunky, playful in design and come in a large variety of colours. But, I was SO WRONG. They’re great contenders for people who want to listen to their music on the move.

The construction of the Fresh ‘N Rebel Clam headphones is pretty robust. Sure, they’re covered in plastic to reduce the weight, but there is a metal stem running through the centre of the headband giving some stability to its overall build.

Fresh 'N Rebel Clam Wireless Over Ear Headphones

The earcups themselves sit on hinges which allow them to be folded down and stored away in a small package. They’re loose on the hinges, but not enough to feel too worried about them breaking under small amounts of pressure.

They wear quite tight too. Which is good in terms of external noise isolation, and at times, I did need to remove them to give my ears some time to breath, but they’re comfortable. The earcups are covered in large soft padded cushions.

I found that I could wear the Fresh ‘N Rebel Clam headphones for long periods of time. They’ve completely replaced my old AKG office headphones at time of writing, and I use them daily to listen to music while working.

Fresh 'N Rebel Clam Wireless Over Ear Headphones

There are a whole host of controls which can be found on both headphones. When in Bluetooth mode, the controls on the right earcup are used for play/pause and volume up and down. On the left is a single button to turn on the Active Noise Cancellation feature. There’s also a braided 3.5mm cable included, which unfortunately is very short. I would have liked something a little longer, especially for when I’m using them with my laptop on my desk.

The ANC works well, and hides the more drony background noises like the sound of moving transportation like the train or a car on the motorway, but conversations in offices are still extremely audible, especially if the person next to you is talking. It’s nice if someone is trying to get your attention, but I would have liked to have something a little stronger so I could really zone out.

Fresh 'N Rebel Clam Wireless Over Ear Headphones

The music is driven by two 40mm drivers, and produce a decent quality sound. There’s a decent enough of deep bass and a nice full mid-range section. But where these headphones fall down is in the high tones. It’s a little messy and produces some form of reverbarage in the vocals. I found this very apparent in Rum DMC’s ‘It’s Tricky’. The thuds of the bass drum and intrumentals came through nice and clear and separated. They’re also compatible with Qualcomm aptX which gives these headphones a large dynamic range.

The good news though is that these headphones have a huge battery life, coming in at 35 hours throiugh Bluetooth, or 30 hours with ANC switched on.

The Fresh ‘N Rebel Clam Wireless Over Ear Headphones are a pretty decent offering, coming in at around the £50 mark online. They’re built well, and have a decent sound and wonderful battery life and a perfect for on-the-go listeners thanks to its fold-down design to store in a backpack or bag. For more information, head over to the Fresh ‘N Rebel website.