Flippa Leaves Customer Information On Vew For Anyone To See


Popular marketplace website Flippant, which is used for buying and selling online businesses has left a text file containing customers names, locations, emails and a lot more out in the open for anyone to view.

Flippa, based out of Melbourne, Australia and San Francisco, United States was founded by Mark Harbottle and Matt Mickiewicz back in 2009. By 2015 it had traded more than $140 million in websites, domains and mobile apps. A company of this size should really been keeping sensitive information such as this in secure places that are not accessible by an easy Google search.

To protect those affected by the leaked document, we obviously we won’t be sharing the file itself, but can give you some idea on the types of details shared from its users. The document contains information such as:

Customer first and last names
Billing Info
Last  four digits of card and card type
IP address of customer
Customer phone number

We will reach out to Flippa for a response and keep you updated.


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