Element Thorium 300 Gaming Keyboard Review

It’s very refreshing receiving an unknown gaming peripheral and liking it. The market seems to be cornered by the big boys Razer, Steelseries and Logitech to name a few. The Element Thorium 300 Gaming Keyboard is a great addition to the market’s budget peripheral line-up.

The Element Thorium 300 Gaming Keyboard is superb for you start up gamers looking to get into more competitive play. The features are similar to the more expensive gaming keyboards on the market. The solid design feels comfortable under your hands.

It features full illuminated keys so missed button presses rarely happen as everything is visible from a quick glance down. The software driver also enables you to set up your own macros so the same button click can have multiple actions. You can even set up profiles so when you launch a game, the keyboard driver will automatically recognise the game and set your keyboard to a particular profile which will save you a lot of time reconfiguring your buttons.

There are five keys, ‘G1 – G5’ down the left hand side of the keyboard which can be set for extra function within a game which is a nice touch. The dedicated ‘E’ key above the five ‘G’ keys is a dedicated profile switch key to save you hopping back into the keyboard driver.

The Element Thorium 300 Gaming Keyboard is a great product for the price. Element Gaming peripherals are a superb alternative to some of the more expensive “pro” options out there. You can get your own straight form eBuyer.com

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