We understand at TechNuovo, that not everyone has an unlimited budget when it comes to buying gaming hardware, and we’re thankful that brands like EasySMX exist, so you can still join in the fun. We’ve just been sent one of their new COOL 2000 PS4 gaming headsets to try out, which you can find online from various retailers for well under £10, which has already impressed me ten-fold. Staggering price for a gaming headset, but… let’s see how it actually performs before praising it too much.

The headset itself is relatively chunky, and although primarily made from plastic, does feel pretty robust. It has a matte black finish and a flashy gaming grill design on each earcup. The grills light up blue as well and you can select which sort of lighting pattern in a pulse or a solid fashion. There are two headbands which comprise of a solid outer ring and an elastic inner ring which is designed to hug the crown of your head.

Each ear cup is extremely padded and provide a comfy layer, especially for long gaming periods.They’re over-ear headphones, so it will block out external noise to some degree, as well as make you feel more immersed in your game. They’re open back too so the soundstage feels relatively wide. Wide enough to pinpoint where gunfire is coming from.

The entire I/O can be found down the back of the left ear cup. From top to bottom you can find the LED button, a volume wheel which is quite sensitive to the touch which is a little annoying to get accurate volume for your game and a mute microphone switch. The microphone is on a small boom arm, and from the feedback I got from my friends, doesn’t sound too bad although it sounds very tinny.

Audio quality when playing games, and to let you know the three games I have played using this headset so far are Marvel’s Spider-Man, Borderlands 2 and God of War, they all sounded full but again, a little swayed towards higher frequencies. Bass is lacking in a big way here, but everything did sound clear enough to get through a decent game.

There are two issues that I have with the headset though. Unfortunately it couldn’t be a perfect product, but that’s what you get for a sub-£10 in some cases. The first issue is the fact although comfy to wear, the headset doesn’t completely sit flush to my ears. Not sure if this is just a defect in my unit, but I felt that needed saying. And the second is the fact that the USB cable for charging, and two 3.5mm aux cables, or one with an adapter are all joined at the end. It gets frustrating having a USB end stroke against my wrists while I’m holding the controller. If there were completely separate cables coming from the headset, so I could plug one side into my Playstation and the other plugged into my controller so I could continue playing, that would be awesome. There is an adapter so you can plug the audio jacks into a computer too and use it there.

But, if you’re after a headset, and don’t want to break the bank, then the EasySMX COOL 2000 gaming headset could be the one for you. It doesn’t produce the best sound by any stretch of the mark, but it sure is cheap, and we like cheap.


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