EA Reddit Reply Most Downvoted In History

So Reddit, commonly branded the front page of the Internet works on a voting system. Write something interesting, witty or hilarious, then you get some good votes known as upvotes. But, post something controversial about having to unlock Darth Vader and other hero characters through loot boxes and grinding, and the fact that EA are already under fire for their rip off pay-to-win microtransactions, will earn the most downvoted comment in the history of Reddit.

That’s right. EA are seemingly having a PR nightmare at the moment, since the Battlefront II open beta where real money loot boxes were discovered. Inside these loot boxes are Star Cards, which can be linked to characters to make them more powerful. There are two ways of obtaining these items; the first is a strong long winded grind, collecting credits at the end of a match, and the second, with a credit card.

The game has already earned some hate online because of pay-to-win systems, especially when EA BOASTED about not having extra pay for content and season passses were going to be abolished. But now this news about how these hero characters are going to be locked, especially when players are pumping $80 and over into deluxe packages of the game really just takes the biscuit.

I don’t know about you, but it’s starting to put me off Battlefront II a little bit. I played the open beta on PC and also at this year’s Eurogamer. and it was a pretty wonderful experience. But if I’m expected to sit there buy a deluxe edititon of a game worth up to £80 here in the UK, and not get a full unlocked game, getting frustrated with grinding for loot boxes to unlock certain core characters in the Star Wars Universe? Nope. Sorry EA, you seem to be blowing this slowly but surely.

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