Brainwavz Hooka Headphone Hanger Review
The Good
  • Really sturdy headphone hanger
  • Made from very thick metal
  • 3M sticky pad keeps it extremely secure to a desk
The Bad
  • Seems like its stuck on the desk forever
4.1Overall Score

There’s something so nice about keeping a clean desk. Not that I know that feeling of course, my desk is a state. But looking at people’s desks on Instagram I wish I could be like those people. I’ve got clutter pretty much piling up. Time for a change. First thing to find a place for… my headphones. And thanks to the Hooka Headphone Hanger, that has become possible.

First thing is, a headphone hanger is extremely practical, enabling gamers such as myself to hang a set of cans from the side of their desk. I’ve done that. My Sennheiser GSP-350s now have a place to live. Thanks to the 3M sticky pad on the back of the hanger, they’re not going anywhere.

The Hooka Headphone Hanger is sturdy, as heavy as a good quality paper weight. It’s not going anywhere. It protrudes from my desk by 9cm, so not far at all. It’s made completely from metal too, which gives off a great quality. Just don’t jab your leg with it while walking past the desk. Yes, it hurts.

It’s not hugely expensive either for something so practical. It can be found online for as little as £16 from Amazon which is nice. It’s a nice addition to a desk setup, and could actually be hung anywhere. On the wall next to your monitor could be a good place maybe?

So next time you’re having a clear out of your table top, finding items to use to keep things in place doesn’t have to be expensive. You can find some more information on the Brainwavz website. Alternatively, check out Amazon. They’re a good price there.

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