If you game, be it on any platform, then you understand the importance of being set up correctly and comfortably. All too often have we sat down for 3, 4 hour + gaming session, on our PC’s, walking away with a stiff back or aches, due to the chair, our position and posture. The answer is to use a quality chair, such as a dedicated gaming chair, designed for long sessions, shaped for support, comfort & posture, and it may even improve your game (no promises). Ewin Europe got in touch, asking if we wanted to try out one of their chairs. We accepted and they sent over one of their Champion Series chairs.

We got sent the Champion Series ‘CPD’ model, which is part of a series of 5 chairs, labelled slightly differently, with slight design differences & colours between four of them. The fifth chair looks similar to the others, but has more of a luxury design to it and comes in black only, rather than a vibrant gaming look. At the time of this review and during a sale, prices ranged from ¬£221 up to ¬£266. Ewin offers free delivery within the EU as standard, plus a 5-year warranty.

The CPD model comes in two options, orange & white or blue & white, we got sent the latter. The seat includes a steel frame, with a high-density memory foam, in the shape of your typical racing car bucket seat, on top of it. The seat is then covered in a breathable fabric, like a faux leather, and finished in the colour scheme you chose upon. The steel frame sits upon an aluminium base, via your typical gas lift mechanism. The base forms a 5 point star shape, with wheels attached to it. If size is a concern to you, the base cushion is 41cm wide, back part 93cm high and the seat rises from 37cm from the floor, up to 48cm. Full sizes available on the Ewin website.


Construction of the chair was fairly straight forward and took about 30 minutes. Full illustrated instructions, along with all screws & tools are provided. The chair comes in 3 main parts, the back partrest, which attaches to the seat, which then attached to the base. Something that I was was great, as they provided a pair of cotton like gloves, that they recommend you wear, when building the chair. I guess this is to protect but chair during construction but I’ve always found furniture like this, comes with oily nuts & bolts, so it was nice to know my hands would be getting dirty.

The key factors of any chair is comfort & adjustability, and there is no shortage of adjustable parts with this chair. The first adjustment comes from what Ewin are calling ‘4D armrests’, which allow you to raise & lower each armrest, slide them in & out, forwards & backwards, and rotate them in or out, to suit your keyboard & mouse position. There are other adjustments available, such as raising and lowering the seat to suit your height/desk height, as well as adjusting the tilt and recline options. The recline option is adjusted by a lever on the right-hand side of the seat and allows 85 -155 degree of adjustment. All the adjustments are quite self explanatory but instructions on how to adjust are included.


So after all of that, is it a comfortable chair and would I recommend it? Yes & Yes. The shape, the ergonomics and the adjustability make for an incredibly comfortable experience. I was able to tailor the seat to my size, my desk height and what type of game I was playing. Sometimes I would be sitting up straight, others I would recline, and at all times, the tilt function allowed me to adjust myself on the seat easily. Two cushions are provided with the chair, one for your lower back and one for your neck. I found the lower back one to be a must-have, as that adds a lot of support, as does the neck one, but for me, I found the neck one would move too much and sometimes not be in the correct position. That being said, I stuck with it, but both cushions can be unclipped from the back if you find it an issue. The chair sits on 5 small wheels, making it very easy to move the chair around, but due to the steel frame, it is rather heavy and can difficult to lift, in case you plan on taking it up some stairs.

After sitting in the chair for several hours, I could be happier with it. For more information on this European gaming chair, visit the official Ewin Racing website.