DubleUp Credit Card Sized Power Bank Review

Powerbanks. Useful as hell in tight situations with battery life on your mobile. I’ve had my Samsung S6 Edge for some time now, and the battery is suffering and barely lasts a day. I carry  a powerbank around with me everywhere I go. I’m currently using the Griffin Survivor, purely because of it’s battery capacity, but it’s heavy. I’m giving the new DubleUp credit card sized bank a try, just to see how I get on.

So as it states in the name, this product is small enough to fit alongside your debit card in your wallet, and has a handy USB cable poking out of one side so it really doesn’t have to keep being removed to use. It’s an incredibly convenient system, especially giving you the ability to keep your phone and wallet in the same pocket and charge your device.

The DubleUp powerbank weighs 40 grams, which is light compared to most other powerbanks on the market. It also comes in at 5.5mm thick which is extremely thin for a product like this. It has an LED battery indicator to give you charging and capacity status lights. It can only hold around 1,280mAh of battery life so it may not charge a phone from dead to full, but will keep you going for a short while longer.

Keeping it in my wallet didn’t really add much weight to it. It’s similar to having a bunch of coins rattling around in the coin pouch. I keep my wallet in my back pocket and it didn’t feel uncomfortable when sitting down. It can also be thrown around a bit thanks to the metal outer body.

It’s a nice little product, and one that could come in useful when out and about or on commutes to and from work. The only downfall is the battery capacity, it’s tiny compared to many powerbanks on the market. But you can’t argue with that size and weight, and the ability to keep it on your person. They’ve currently relaunched their Kickstarter campaign, so why not head over there and check it out?

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