DSLR’s vs Smartphones

DSLR’s have and always will be the favoured choice of budding photographers, even amateurs are seen to be carrying around a much bigger camera these days. However, the built-in camera on your smart phone is ever improving and the quality is becoming better with every new phone release. Look at Apple’s recent advert showing off what their cameras on the 6S Plus can do. They looked like Hollywood movie stills, seriously! This is the reason that your point-and-shoot cameras are now being cast to one side in favour of your mobile phone. Phones are convenient. Our phones are precious, so we constantly have one either in our hands or pockets. They’re convenient too. See something interesting, whip your phone out and start snapping away. This begs the question – are smartphones going to really take over digital SLRs in the future?

SLRs are fantastic. I own one for taking awesome photos. I’m nowhere near a professional grade photographer, but I do like how my SLR feels in my hands. MAkes me feel unique, to be shooting with one to tell you the truth. There isn’t a more relaxing feeling than editing your RAW files over a glass of wine in the evening from your daytime shoot either.

Let’s compare a recent experience of mine. I was required to bring in my photography gear into work for a photo shoot. On my person, in bags of course, I carried on the subway a rucksack for my laptop to edit the photos, my camera shoulder bag with a selection of lenses inside, a large tripod in one hand, and a set of soft box lights (broken down) in a case in my other hand. I looked packed and weighed down. Now, what if I just used my smart phone? The megapixel is exactly the same, I still have manual aperture and shutter speed settings, I can still select my ISO sensitivity. And it would have fit in my pocket. What’s the deal? Well, continue reading to see the answer to this problem.

Below is an info graphic looking at the evolution of the camera, including the comparison for the number of pixels, lenses, picture quality, battery life, usability and much more.



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