It’s always quite refreshing reviewing a product that isn’t ‘aimed at gamers’. And that’s exactly what the Dell U2419HC 24″ Monitor is. It’s not for gamers, so is missing all the important things like fast refresh rates and response times, but it still rocks in its own way.

Most notably is the addition of a USB Type-C port that can connect a laptop and this monitor. I wasn’t aware before taking a look at this machine that USB Type-C could carry an image, but it can. The monitor comes supplied with a cable to use, and I used it with my Macbook Pro 2018, and it worked perfectly. Even charged it too thanks to the built-in 65W power delivery system. Of course you do still have two DisplayPort inputs and an HDMI input if you’re more traditional. There’s also four USB ports too, two on the underside, and two down the left hand side as you’re looking at the monitor.

But less about the inputs, let’s move on. The Dell U2419HC monitor I have here sits at 24-inches corner to corner and has again adopted Dell’s InfinityEdge bezel, which measures at well under an inch. The rear arm and base plate are made from plastic, although the base plate feels weighted enough to keep the monitor static on your desk. The arm has a hole in the middle for cable management. All buttons can be located on the underside of the bottom right of the monitor, and navigating the menu is very easy. I’ll point out that there is an MST option that allows you to daisy chain multiple monitors together.

The panel uses IPS technology at a resolution of 1920x1080p which can produce some wonderful colours and large viewing angles, but is lacking very much so in the response time department coming in at 5m/s on its fast setting, which is what I am using. It’s not great for competitive gamers, but if you’re looking for a monitor for video production, then by all means, this could be the one for you. There is also no Freesync on the Dell U2419HC monitor either. Saying that though, I have played a few hours of Horizon Zero Dawn on my PS4, which isn’t the fastest game in the world and it looked stunning. It supports up to 16.7 million 24-bit colours, with a contrast ratio of 1000:1 and has a brightness of 250 cd/m². The screen itself is coated in a 3H Hard Coating which gives it an anti-glare layer. The sun shines through my window in the afternoon, and I can safely say that this works well. It is capable of hitting around 99% of the sRGB spectrum and around 85% of the DCI-P3 spectrum too.

As I said above, single player games like Horizon Zero Dawn were fine, and to be quite honest, jumping into a few hours of Rage 2, or even The Division 2 on this monitor was still an enjoyable experience. As well as gaming, getting through video editing tasks was decent as well. Colours were very accurate which made colour grading for my YouTube productions nice and vivid, and watching media playback, like series on Netflix or a movie on my PS4 really shine. I wouldn’t however say this monitor is completely accurate in the colour department, so if you’re involved in heavier colour grading procedures, there are more specialised monitors out there. Youtube though, for me and what our videos look like is absolutely fine.

I can say despite the downside for competitive gaming, this monitor performs exceptionally well. It costs £254 on Dell’s website as well, so not a bad price although if you wanted something more gaming orientated, there are definitely options out there. For more information, head over to the Dell website.