Everyone wants fast wireless Internet around the house, especially if you’re lucky enough to live in a larger than average home. Even if you live in a standard two up, two down place, fast WiFi in every nook and cranny is still beneficial.

Well the new D-Link Covr promises just that as it uses what’s called a Mesh Wi-Fi system. D-Link are claiming that their new Covr AC2200 will give you complete home coverage, all of the time, and we’ve certainly found that to be true. But first, let’s take a look at what’s in the box.

The box has been branded beautifully, with enough style to really make it stand out if seen in a retail outlet. There’s enough information on the box to give you a good idea of what you’re getting.

Setup is relatively painless too, just a lot of waiting around watching a blue circle fill up to 100% while it connects to various parts of your home. The unit we were sent, the A-2200 came with two units: one sender and one receiver, both with WPS buttons for easy connection to devices without screens like security cameras for example.

To set up you will need to download the D-Link app onto your Android or iOS device. The app will prompt you to scan the QR code that’s provided on card in the box. From here, follow on screen instructions for things like setting a network name and strong password. This is where the waiting begins as your existing network hunts and connects your main device. Once connected, a solid white light will show. Once your main network is set, plug in your second receiver unit and follow the on-screen instructions on your phone to connect the receiver to the sender. Setup done.

Your phone will be setup on the network, and if you then go into any other wireless devices in your home or office, you will see the new network appear. Just connect as you would usually to a wireless network with the new password you just set up. Once your devices are connected, they will appear on the app.

The app comes with many settings including which devices receive priority connections, a timer on when the internet can be used on this network as well as some child safety features too. An awesome feature, and one I was unaware of until I did some research was its Smart Steering technology. This basically detects which GHz band is best for your device and automatically selects that band for you. The network also features MU-MIMO as well to ensure the best and strongest connection to your single devices, as opposed to only being able to receive single data packets at any one time.

One huge benefit to having a MESH setup like this one in your home is the fact that no matter how many points you have dotted around the home or office, you’ll never have to switch between networks to receive the best signal, unlike my previous system.

Here’s a few numbers for you. The total network speed of this wireless MESH network is 2,200mbps which is shared between the two GHz bands: 866mbps on the 5GHz band and 300mbps on the 2.4GHz band. It features 802.11AC Wave 2 Triband wireless with six internal antennas on each unit. Triband means that there are your usual wireless signals, as well as a separate 5GHz band that the two units use to talk to one another.

So, here comes the best part. The real world results compared to our old network system. Previously to installing the D-Link COVR Mesh network, I was using a very basic repeater box that I purchased from eBay for £10. It worked alright, I can’t say it’s bad, but check out these numbers below! Each speed test was completed three times to give an average speed. We’re no way experts at TechNuovo, and to keep it as real as possible, I didn’t tell my family to stop what they were doing online like watching Netflix in the lounge, and gaming in the office.

D-LINK Covr Speed Comparison 1

It was a no brainer that speeds would improve across the board. It’s a far superior product compared to the Asus repeater. However, the signal that both my phone and laptop received was much better with the D-Link Covr MESH network. The signal that my phone and laptop received with the Asus repeater, especially upstairs in the bedroom and in the garden struggled somewhat which is why speeds dropped quite significantly.

So the D-Link Covr was a huge upgrade to my home wireless network. So much so that we’ve even started streaming movies to the lounge TV. Having the MESH setup means that no area of the house gets left out meaning everyone in the home or office space should get super fast and speedy broadband. It’s expensive though. This kit will set you back around £250 on Amazon. But it really depends on what you are doing with your wireless network before investing in a system like this. Are you streaming movies from your NAS Drive at the same time as gaming online? Or do you just use the Internet to browse Facebook and buy things from eBay? For more information, you can visit the D-Link website.

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