Manfrotto Manhattan Mover-30 Camera Backpack Review

manfrotto manhattan mover 30 camera backpack

As a photographer you’ve probably heard in the past something along the lines of “only take what you need with you.” Well, in some cases, you need a lot. Which is why bags like the Manfrotto Manhattan Mover-30 exist.

manfrotto manhattan mover 30 camera backpack

The Mover-30 is a brand new bag that joins an already great looking Manhattan lineup, and has some very nice features for those of you wanting to carry a large amount of gear with you. The entire bag is made from a synthetic fabric, which is somewhat water resistant thanks to a special coating, and there’s also a cover that can wrap around the entire outside incase you’re caught in a downpour.

The nice thing about the Manfrotto Manhattan Mover-30 is the fact its got adjustable internals which Manfrotto call ‘Flex Dividers’, depending on the gear you’re wanting to take with you. If you cut down your camera gear, then you can fit more personal belongings, which is great for weekend trips away. It’s small enough to fit into a standard cabin luggage rack too. If you’re in an airport, the bag has a trolley luggage strap so you don’t have to carry it on your back.

The bag itself comes in two parts. The outer shell and what I would call the inner shell which is completely removable. The inner shell is where you will house most of your equipment and has a very nice amount of padding around all sides, including the flex dividers. It’s removable too so you can pack away your gear easier, yet all compartments can be accessed from the outer shell too so you don’t have to keep pulling the inner shell out of the bag every time. There is a zip-up net that covers the inner shell, and this can be a bit of a problem if you want to access your stuff from the outer shell pockets. The net closes, keeping everything tucked inside, but zip positioning make it hard to undo once the inner shell is put inside the bag.

manfrotto manhattan mover 30 camera backpack

If you’re also looking at doing some photo or video editing on the go too, there’s space to carry a laptop. My 15″ MacBook Pro fit no problem at all, but my Windows based HP 15″ laptop was a bit of a tight squeeze. Low-profile laptops seem to be favoured by the Mover-30.

Taking a look at the specification on the Manfrotto website, they’re even claiming that there is enough space for a drone in the top compartment too. Of course if you’re not carrying a drone, you could stick a bit of clothing in there, change of underwear kind of thing if you’re going away on an expedition. Because Manfrotto have listed a huge number of cameras that can potentially fit in the bag, I’ve included a screenshot below. Lenses on the other hand are a different question because of the varying size. My Sony A7RII and three lenses up to 50mm prime and my 16-35mm lens all fit perfectly with room to spare.

On the sides are two zipped pouches which when opened, are big enough to hold water bottles. Of course, stick whatever you like in there but they’re really designed for water. You can also strap a tripod to the side of the bag too to save you carrying it around by hand.

manfrotto manhattan mover 30 camera backpack

The bag straps are padded to give your shoulders some protection from weight strain. There’s also a chest strap as well to relieve your shoulders from tension. It’s fully adjustable so you can lower it if need be. In the image below it’s a little high

manfrotto manhattan mover 30 camera backpack

For £124.99 on the Manfrotto website, the Mover-30 is a wonderful investment if you’re some kind of travelling photographer. There’s enough room for a decent amount of gear and it will be very well protected if it goes into luggage compartments on aircrafts. For more information, head over to the Manfrotto website.

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