Creative Fatal1ty Gaming Headset Review

Creative are known for producing quality gaming equipment, such as their vast array of gaming headsets and today, we’re looking at the Fatal1ty headset. The Fatal1ty is an entry level headset from the brand but it sounds like it could be a winner. Let’s check it out.

Creative teamed up with Jonathan “Fatal1ty” Wendel, a well known gamer that enjoys playing the Quake franchise at a competitive level. He is also involved in other popular games. Together, they have created the Fatal1ty headset and as such a high profile gamer is involved in the creation, it’s got to be good right?

The headset looks and feels sturdy. It’s got big, soft earpieces with a padded headband and plenty of cable length for plugging it into the rear of your gaming PC. It’s got a gloss black finish, with a hint of red on the earpads. It looks okay but I wouldn’t go as far as to call it premium. The contrast of colours does look okay though. Compared to some of the other products on the market, it looks a little dated. The head band is adjustable and felt very secure and comfortable when on my head. I’ve used it for a few 2-3 hour sessions and my head or ears haven’t got sweaty or felt any aches.


This is a PC headset, so it comes with both separate 3.5mm analog microphone input and headphone output. There is no USB option like some other current models have. The cable is 8ft long, which is plenty long enough if you are in the unfortunate situation of plugging in at the rear of your PC. The cord also has inline volume controls. The microphone is detachable, via a 3.5mm jack and is bendy so you can mold the microphone to however close to your mouth you want. As you can detach the microphone, you can use the headset as your day to day headphones.

Crunch time, is the quality any good? Yes, for both microphone and audio. Listening to both in-game sounds and voice chat with friends together was great. Voices were crisp, in-game sounds were vibrant and once I had the correct level mix of both, it was very easy to enjoy the game while talking to friends. Getting some feedback from friends on how my voice sounded to them, they said my voice was coming through clear and they heard very little to no background noise. The headphones do a fairly decent job of sound isolation and the volume doesnt need to be loud to allow you to get immersed into your game. Using the headset as headphones worked perfectly fine aswell.

Overall, impressed with the performance of this headset and given that you can pick one up for under ¬£30, it’s a good buy.To purchase, visit online electronics retailer¬†Reichelt where many products are 20% cheaper than elsewhere in the UK.

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