Just before lockdown, I started to get into spinning and since then, I got a bike and I’ve been enjoying the British countryside on a regular basis. I have a standard bike, nothing special but from seeing fellow cyclists during my rides, I know there are many different types, sizes and brands, and more importantly, electric bikes. I’ve seen a fair few of them over the last several weeks. They are popular and their popularity is only going to grow.

Due to this new love (I think) of cycling, I’ve been reading more cycling-related press releases and one the most recent, from a brand called Cowboy.

Cowboy has announced the release of their new Cowboy 3 electric bike, with the initial orders being delivered by the end of July this year. The Cowboy 3 model is engineered with several significant new hardware features including a single-gear automatic transmission to create the smoothest, simplest mode of transport on the streets today. With an obsessive attention to detail, including the removable battery built right into the frame, Cowboy continues to hold a distinct performance advantage in the market. Cowboy 3 uses the latest in design, smart technology, manufacturing excellence and is available for order now via cowboy.com at an RRP of €2.290 / £1.990.

New Spec & Features

Carbon belt transmission – No oily chain and no maintenance required for up to 30,000 kilometres.

Lower gear ratio – Ensures a faster start and easier ride when climbing uphill. 

Custom mudguards – Fits the bike like a glove (available at an RRP of 89€ / 79£ inc VAT ).

Puncture-resistant tires – Has a flexible grip and a puncture protection layer in the tires.

Comfortable ride – Increased comfort with an increased tire surface along the rims.

Three colourways – Now available in Absolute Black, Anthracite Grey, Mineral Grey to suit the rider’s preference.

The new Cowboy is connected to an app like its predecessors. In addition to the existing Cowboy app features (Find My Bike, Navigation, Live Dashboard, Siri Voice Control),four new features will complete the digital experience and they include auto-unlock, theft detection, crash detection and air quality.

Cowboy 3 users will of course make the most of existing features like the aforementioned removable battery and a lightweight bike weighing only 16.9 kg..

Adrien Roose, CEO of Cowboy said: “The success of our previous model has been tremendous across all of Europe. It’s been great to create an electric bike that really speaks to the modern commuter as they set to change the way they experience urban movement. We always knew that people would start to look at alternative ways to commute over the next few years, however with cities’ increased investment in bike infrastructure, we are thrilled to offer a perfect blend of convenience, technology and comfort.”

So there it is, a new electric bike to spend your hard earned cash on.