CM Storm Xornet Gaming Mouse Review

The CM Storm Xornet Gaming Mouse is packaged extremely well. The box is solid. The Xornet has a 2000 DPI optical sensor which can be adjusted as you play. It has up to 160IPS and 23g of acceleration, 5 million click rated Omron micro switches and an extra wide 16 bit USB data path.

The Xornet Gaming mouse has been designed for smaller hands. It was extremely comfortable to use, but to get the best usability from the mouse it needs to be claw-gripped. It’s too small to be able to comfortably use a palm-grip.

The mouse is covered in a rubberised grip so your fingers will stay in place while in use. It features two thumb buttons. The two buttons below are to adjust the DPI while you play.

The Xornet works over a variety of surfaces and accurately tracks your movements. This, combined with the adjustable DPI really helped when gaming especially for first person shooters.

CM Storm has used a huge cable to reach towers further away further away from your desk. On the end is a standard USB cable so you can actively plug and play with no real setup.

The mouse comes in at 142g with no adjustable weight system. The Xornet is very light so could put some gamers off especially if you’re used to a heavier product.

The Xornet is built for right handed gamers and the size of the mouse means everything is in perfect reach. A nice feature is the lip so your  third finger can sit comfortably for long periods of gameplay.

I would definitely recommend the Xornet over the better known brands in the gaming industry. The mouse clicks felt nice and rebounded well and the accurate tracking really helped with my gaming. The only downfalls I can see with the mouse are its weight and size but that really depends on your style of gaming, plus the size of your hands. Overall for a budget gaming mouse CM Products have done some justice to the lower end of the market.

The CM Storm Xornet Gaming Mouse is available from Amazon for around £16.99

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