Clean Your Inbox And Increase Productivity

Being in charge of a tech website like TechNuovo means emails. LOTS of emails. Some useful, but the majority useless. Some of you have probably made several email addresses in your lifetimes on the net because your old ones just get taken over by spam. Sign up for an online social network account? Your email gets sold to marketeers. You can’t escape spam and useless emails so you spend a lot of time deleting them. Well companies like Cleanfox are here to help.

Cleanfox is an online free, smart and safe web platform which will help users unsubscribe and delete unwelcome emails. How it works is pretty interesting too. Ever used Tinder to swipe yes and no on people you fancy? Well, Cleanfox uses the same mechanic in terms of choosing which emails you want to keep or delete. And you can also unsubscribe to those newsletters while you’re at it too. See an email from a clothes shop you purchased those boots from years ago? Swipe to unsub to the weekly newsletter.

The app recognises which of your emails remain unattended in your email inbox, giving you a good indication on what you read and what you tend to avoid. The app is available from both the Android Play Store and the iOS App Store. When you’re swiping through unwanted emails, Cleanfox will also give you custom statistics like measuring the impact this system is having on your inbox and also your carbon footprint, which should be 0 anyway as you’re using digital mail.

Cleanfox apparently do not sell on your data either, so in a way, they’re excluding themselves from the problem of email marketing, which in my eyes is a good thing. If you would like to check out more information, you can visit the Cleanfox website.