This is Stream Deck Plus, the latest product to hit the Stream Deck lineup, complete with Elgato’s signature LED screen buttons and four dials. The idea? To give users complete control over their livestreams, daily working lives and even their audio. Like I’m using it here, gamers can use the Stream Deck Plus in conjunction with a Wave XLR, for complete control over their streams. I’ve mapped out my most important audio inputs using the Wave Link software, and dialled in my most used application shortcuts on the buttons above, for Discord, OBS, Spotify, nVidia Broadcast and Wave Link itself. My audio sources include my microphone, Discord chat, my desktop audio which is pretty much every audio source that comes through my headphones and my overall stream mix, which allows me to change how much audio reaches the stream and my headphones. It’s a fantastic product, and one that could really help your live stream quality.