Samsung today unveiled their new Galaxy Z Flip 5, their latest foldable smartphone that can perfectly fit inside of your pocket. Not that other mobiles can’t these days, but the Z Flip 5 is pretty tiny. From the Flex window on the front, you’re able to use widgets, check the weather and time, control your music playback or catch up on the stock market. It’s seamless to switch between them with the Multi Widger View, and you can also check your notifications and reply to texts with a full qwerty keyboard.

It can also act as a selfie screen for photographs and because you’re using the rear camera, you’ve got some great quality images, right from the Flex Window and you can also edit photos on the screen too. If you’ve opened the screen, you can also have your subject preview themselves in the Flex View screen so they can know they’ll be happy with their photo. AI capabilities can also improve nightography and correct noise and enhance details and colour tone. And finally, you’ve got a nice 10x zoom.

Specs include a 120hz refresh AMOLED screen with an adaptive refresh, a 10mp selfie camera, a 12mp main camera, a Snapdragon® 8 Gen 2 with 8gb ram and a choice of 256 or 512gb of storage. All in all, it’s looking to be a pretty decent phone all over.