The Canon EOS 700D is influenced by the ever popular 600D, and has been aimed at beginners. The DSLR is a great starter camera for enthusiastic photographers. But something tells me the specification of this newcomer will also appeal to those with more experience.

The 700D is about a third larger than the average compact system camera. It manages to feel completely robust. There is space for four fingers depending on size around the grip. Even with a lens kit attached it is still light enough to fling around a room.

It features an 18 megapixel APS-C sized CMOS sensor, more than enough to get the ball rolling. You can view your images on a vari-angle touch screen LCD. If you fancy it, you can also film in full 1080p.

The screen offers so much flexibility and can be used in several ways. It is on a boom arm, which can be flipped, swiveled and even flattened parallel against the body of the camera, so whatever angle you are shooting at you can see your subject. My dad loves doing this – sly shots can sometimes be the best.

In low-light levels, results are unbelievably good, with a range of up to ISO25600. Whatever light entering the lens, pictures generally look crisp and sharp. There is also a standard 18-55mm lens included in the box which again for those newbie photographers, is definitely a decent step in the right direction.

You get 5 frames per second continuous shooting for those fast moving targets. These photos are created by taking 22 images in a sequence. You can also have the option to save the images as uncompressed Raw file, giving the best quality images.

Canon’s entry level camera has some great features for those starting a life of photography. Some may say the price is high at around £749 and needs more features. Saying that, picture quality of printed shots is excellent. Need something more? Check out the Olympus OM-D EM-5