Well, this is not exactly the snappiest title for a game – ever.

But it is snappily made, and it amazing fun. This is pretty much lots of dungeons, lots of cute characters, lots of rooms, enemies and a daft storyline.

Get this. Princess Bubblegum summons Finn and Jake to the Candy Kingdom to investigate a rash of thefts and kidnappings that have plagued her kingdom.

Apparently, she thinks the cause lies within her Secret Royal Dungeon, where only the nastiest monsters and criminals are locked up. If they’ve’ve found a way to escape, the Land of Ooo will be in danger!

So, there you have it. Stop anything nasty escaping, or you will be in trouble. With Princess Bubblegum. Wonder what her parents are doing.  They must still be around or she would surely be Queen Bubblegum. Maybe on holiday. Maybe you will find out if you finish the game.

Anyway, this is pure silliness with so much to get done. The graphics are kept simple and the moves are easy to learn.

A fun game – the season for giving never goes away and the kids and adults will love this. What’s not to get.