What do you do with your phone or tablet when you finish using it before going to bed? Me, I plug it into the charger, and lay it to rest on my bedside table. Boring I know, but it’s practical, and always there if I need to quickly text someone. Until I got the Cable Guys XL Crash Bandicoot Device Holder, which retails for around £25 online.

It adds some flair to my bedside table, and yes I know I’m pretty much a major nerd for having something like this, but look at how awesome it looks!

The whole thing is made from plastic, and it’s not only Crash Bandicoot that you can have. They do many designs. Deadpool, a Stormtrooper, characters from Call of Duty, Sonic, Spyro, there are loads!

The one I have is part of their XL range. It stands at around 30cm tall holds my Google Pixel 3 with ease. It’ll even hold a games controller, a tablet or a Nintendo Switch too. To be honest, if you can balance it in the hands, it’ll hold it.

The actually quality of the stand is very good, and even the box states that it’s not a toy it’s a work of art, and I agree. It looks great and would suit and nerd’s bedroom, shelving unit or even set for YouTube very well! You can find more information on the Cable Guys website, although I couldn’t find an online store. It may be coming in the future though. There are a number of stockists online though if you do a bit of Googling, and the models themselves are not very expensive at all!