So apparently Tupperware is no good anymore! Bipod, or B!POD, because that’s the edgy way of writing it now (though I do actually like it written like that) is a brand new product that’s launched here in the UK that helps keep your food looking, and feeling and tasting fresh. And they do this by using a small tool that removes up to 95% of the oxygen from their containers. And we were sent one of their starter kits to check out.

Now I will say now that I live alone, and my fridge pretty much stays empty near 100% of the time. Why? Because when I buy food, it tends to go off before I get a chance to eat it all. Especially when it comes to vegetables and salads, because who wants to eat a salad for dinner every day am I right? Yeah, I try and be healthy too! Something like the B!POD is pretty much ideal for me if it means I can extend the life of my veggies. And to put it to the test, I’m going to put one tomato in a B!POD container, and one in my salad draw in my fridge to see which one wins.

But before doing that, let’s talk about what you get in the starter kit here. For £319 great British pounds, you get the DRO!D, which is capable of 50mbar of vacuum pressure, whatever that means, I tried looking on Google and it threw back A LOT of maths, and three food containers at various sizes, with the smallest one hitting 0.4L, medium at 0.7L and large at 1.4L. We’ve got yellow containers here, but they come in a variety of colours on the B!POD website if you so desire to match them to your kitchen, you also get a charging base which is compatible with USB Type-C cables and you get a wall plug too. Charging takes no time at all at under two hours, and you’re ready to go vacuuming your food to make it last a long time. The containers are dishwasher-approved and can be used in the fridge or freezer or cupboard for your cereals. Okay, so how did we get on with the tomatoes? Let’s go take a look.

So let’s recap, I kept the tomato around for three weeks and four days, and by the end of it, the tomato from the salad draw was all wrinkly and and bruised and didn’t look great. The tomato in the B!POD container however was still super ripe and crunchy and could definitely still be eaten. Of course the tomato from the salad draw could be eaten too, but it was a bit soft and unappealing. Got to advocate for that food waste, right?

But in this case and I know it wasn’t exactly science, it was still very interesting to see that the tomato from the B!POD stayed fresh, and if you’re in a position like me, where you avoid buying certain foods because you live alone and end up wasting more than you eat, then this could be the answer to your problems as it’s proven to extend the life of your fresh foods. But the big thing for me right now to get started like this is the cost. It’s a pretty expensive way to keep your food preserved for longer periods of time. The starter pack costs at the time of writing this script £270 pounds, which definitely makes this a premium product for the kitchen. The three containers cost under £39, so the big purchase is definitely the DRO!D which makes sense. However I do think you’ve really got to be a big foodie, or have a huge passion for food waste to warrant paying the price. If you’re big on cooking, and love to have all ingredients around you at all times then this is definitely the way to go. But if you’re someone who uses food containers to carry last night’s left over dinner to the office the following day for lunch, I’d stick to your current method. This product is about preserving food right, and your leftovers aren’t going to spoil from the evening to the next day. They do some in a number of cool colours to match your style though so there’s that rather than the usual plastic translucent food containers you usually find. But I do think it’s a cool product, it’s just not something that everyone is going to need in the kitchen. For more info, visit the B!POD website.