The EZVIZ E6 is a spherical 360-degree security camera with key features including AI-powered human and pet detection, auto-zoom tracking, loud noise detection and support for 2.4 and 5GHz dual-band wifi. It has a nice and sharp 3K resolution and is a fully plug-and-play wifi security camera that comes with a partner app that’s easy to set up on an Android or iOS device. The camera can zoom up to 4 times digitally following someone so facial details can be delivered straight to your phone. There’s also two infrared lights that aid in sharp renders during nighttime, so you will never miss a single beat. It’s also EZVIZ’s first camera to support Apple HomeKIT too which makes it a great all-rounder, no matter what mobiles you have in the house.

The Review

Keeping your house secure is important. But it’s also equally important to keep those that stay in the house when you go to work safe! Who am I talking about? Well, pets of course! Unless your office is dog friendly, and then well, the world is your oyster with that setup, right? But for those who have to keep their four legged friends at home, or one legged, if you’ve got a snake slithering about, there’s the EZVIZ E6, a ball-shaped, 3K security camera that has some pretty funky AI features to detect humans and pets in frame. Thanks to EZVIZ for sponsoring this video and allowing us to check out their brand-new E6 camera.

So, let’s look at what you get in the box because truth be told it’s not really much. You get the camera, a set of instructions, a power brick, a USB Type C cable and a wall mount, or a ceiling mount depending on where you can get power to, plus screws. The USB Type-C cable is very generous in length coming in at around 10 feet and is white so you can hide it around skirting in your home more easily.

The EZVIZ E6 camera is small in size sitting at around 95 × 95 × 90 mm, and is covered in half black gloss plastic for the top half, and matte grey plastic for the bottom half. It’s extremely lightweight too at 252 grams which makes it easy for those ceiling mounting the device. The camera is called a pan/tilt camera, which means it can rotate a full 360 degrees in a circle and can look up. However, the camera is unable to look down past the horizon line. This makes putting the camera on a shelf somewhat problematic as if you’re going to be using it to watch your pets while you’re away, it cannot look at the floor. I’ve got mine on a microwave right now on a kitchen counter, and I can’t see the floor of my kitchen. So if you have a small dog or cat running around, you’re not going to be able to see them.

The EZVIZ E6 has a somewhat fragile build quality. The camera has pretty much a plastic shell, to keep the weight down of course, but I would make sure this thing is secure if you’re going to be mounting it. I’m not sure it’ll survive a drop from a distance, especially if you’ve got hard floors without at least cracking the outer shell. Around the back, you’ve got three ports, USB Type-C for power, a microSD card slot to save your footage and finally an Ethernet port, so you can connect this camera to your wired network in your house. It does support both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bandwidths though if you wanted to go the wireless route. Being wireless also makes it easy for users in rented accommodation to hook it up to their existing gear, and then take it with them when they move. The design is also sleek enough to fade into the background of your room. It looks nice and modern, and it won’t stand out to anyone visiting the home or look out of place.

So before we jump into the specifics of the E6 in terms of features, let’s talk about the setup process, which by the way was extremely simple to do. The camera requires power, which you can use the supplied powerbrick and USB Type-C cable, and then download the EZVIZ app. From here, follow the on-screen instructions, follow the prompts to ensure the camera can be seen, like the flashing blue LED status light on the front of the camera, and then the app will also ask you for your WiFi password. Key it in and all will be great. There are also voice prompts too to give you status updates on the camera which is pretty useful rather than tones or chimes.

Once you’re fully set up though, everything is very nicely laid out in the EZVIZ app. The home screen is there to select each individual camera you have within the EZVIZ family, and if you click on each one it’ll take you to that individual camera and give you all the settings you need, right in front of you. A preview of what the camera sees is at the top, and underneath this is where clips are saved that your camera records. Under here are several tabs and buttons for taking snapshots, and recordings, manually panning the camera, talking through it as it’s got a microphone at the other end, and resolution changes. There’s a privacy mode if you need to cut the feed to the camera and you can even do picture-in-picture too if you have other cameras available.

The feed itself produces a lovely 3K resolution, coming in at 2880×1620 and the image produced is lovely and clear, even with my window as a backlight, I was still seen quite clearly in the shot. The feed is capable of a maximum frames-par-second of 25, and video compression can either be set to H.265 or H.264. The audio is self-adaptive depending on what’s being captured. And with other features including smart AI tracking that can identify both humans and pets within a frame. This includes the entire 360-degree panoramic view that the camera is capable of. It makes it one of the better smart cameras that I’ve had the pleasure of setting up and testing so far.

An interesting page within the app is called Intellegent Detection, where you install various featuers to your main EZVIZ app that do different things. Human Shape Detection is installed by default, but there is also a feature for Pet Detection which needs to be installed, and also Gesture Recognition, which means if the camera detects someone waving at it, it’ll give the phone the app is installed on a phone call. You can then have a video call with the person via the camera and their phone. Pretty neat stuff. Finally there’s a feature for abnormal sound detection and image change detection. As I do not have any storage via microSD I can install everything on there except Pet Detection. Seems a little odd why EZVIZ wouldn’t provide enough storage to begin with?

The EZVIZ E6 is a decent little smart camera that has some very nice AI capabilities and is paired with a very simple and easy-to-use app which I like a lot. It’s refreshing, and there’s no doubt EZVIZ is one of the best global smart home camera brands out there. Having HomeKit capabilities too means that you Apple users out there can be capable of setting things like automations on Apple devices. The most annoying feature though is the fact it can’t look down and gets stopped looking straight on, making placement a little more awkward if you want to use this to keep an eye on small pets on the ground. But for £89.99, this little smart camera is a decent option to choose if you’re after something to protect your home. If you need any more information on the EZVIZ E6 camera, then visit their website.