Boompods Downdraft Wireless Speaker Review

Bluetooth speakers need to be portable. They also need a good battery life. The Boompods Downdraft Bluetooth Speaker is exactly that.

It’s extremely compact but still retains a great sound quality. Okay there isn’t a punch in the bass, but it can be heard none the less giving a great mix between high and low frequencies.

The built-in battery life lasts for absolutely ages. I’ve used it as my car stereo as mine has broken and I’ve not recharged it since its initial charge. Great for long journeys or an all day event.


The Boompods Downdraft is extremely stylish coming in a range of colours to match your accessories. It also has a soft outer layer giving it a matte finish which works.

Being wireless it can connect to any Bluetooth device. Many people now use a mobile phone as their media device. A quick link between the two and you’re good to go. No passwords or fiddly connections.

It also has a 3.5mm jack input for any devices without wireless technology so the music never needs to stop.

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