A controversial title, I know and I’m sure everyone will have an opinion on this topic. What is the best gaming series? There are many, many contenders in this and it’s very possible that you may even bee playing through one or two of these game series as we speak, to keep you occupied during lockdown. The guys over at OnBuy asked over 1400 avid gamers what they thought and the results are in.

GOD Tier, the cream of the crop and that includes The Witcher (yup), Half Life (ofcourse), Zelda (duh), Mario Kart (but no OG Mario games?) and BioShock (meh). I somewhat agree with this but there could have been other titles in there, Red Dead? The GTA’s? What about the award-winning God Of War?


A few good shouts in the Top Tier with Halo, Elder Scrolls, and Smash Bros but not sure why Portal is there, really? Oh look, GTA made it to Good Tier which honestly surprises me and I’d personally move that up one or two spots. The remake of Animal Crossing has been a huge success, regardless of the perfect timing with lockdown, meaning everyone had time to play, people absolutely love it.

Call of Duty at Mid-Tier, with Fifa, both big series there and I’m glad Dota 2 made it on the list. I’ve sunk hundreds of hours into that, it’s a great Moba. Better than League, which pipped it to Good Tier, in my opinion.

Right down the bottom in Bland Tier includes the classic Tetris and Street Fighter, Minecraft which is hugely popular but this survey must have been via an older audience and then two Battle Royale games, the original PUBG and Apex. Both great times but failed to keen players engaged, or me at least.

What do you make of the list? Some I agree with, others I don’t and it’s interesting to see some not making an appearance at all! I’m off to play some Tetris, see ya!