CompTIA Security+ SY0-501 Exam is one of the top exams given by IT security personnel. Having Security+ certification shows the proof that the candidate is capable enough to perform core security operations in the organization. This assesses the cybersecurity skill of the candidate. However, to give this exam, the candidate should possess baseline cybersecurity skills. Though, this certification is not so popular, but adds a lot of value to your resume and gives a boost to your IT security career.

To pass this entry-level certification, you should thoroughly understand about the certification process. This certification is recognized internationally. When you crack this exam and receive the certification, you would be able to work in any IT firm across the globe. However, getting through this exam is not an easy task. One should perceive key concepts of security and use the skills in the right manner.

Prior qualifications for CompTIA Security+ SY0-501 Exam

  • Hold at least two years of IT experience, especially in IT administration, risk management, and security architecture.
  • Should have Network + certification
  • Acquainted with security concerns and implementation and know how to fix the issues related to security.

Though the above are not the prerequisites to take the exam, CompTIA recommends the candidates to have two years of IT experience to crack the exam. However, if you do not possess this experience, you do not need to worry. With strong dedication towards your goal of cracking this exam and proper training would make you qualify this exam.

Why is this certification different?

  • There is no other certification, which would measure the baseline security skills of a candidate other than this exam. A candidate giving this exam should have sound knowledge of IT security followed by practical exposure to mitigate security related issues. In addition, the security professional should be able to solve any kind of security issue easily.
  • Focus majorly on security trends and risk mitigation and management techniques, intrusion detection, and threat management.
  • This certification covers the role of IT Auditor, Network Administrator, System Administrator, Security Administrator, and Penetration testers.

Why should I crack CompTIA Security+ certification?

Candidates who are aiming to crack a job in cybersecurity should pursue this certification that would portray your IT security skill to companies. This certification will make you stand out from other candidates and will let potential employers hire you for entry-level cybersecurity role. CompTIA Security+ will let you excel in the latest security trends that are important to ascend the career ladder.

Is CompTIA Security+ (SY0-501) Worth doing?

CompTIA Security+ Practice Test – SY0-501 are worried about whether choosing CompTIA security is an ideal choice or not. This certification is the best option for IT security professionals who are looking for a rewarding career. This globally recognized certification allows you to get a job anywhere globally. It increases the income of security professionals as many employers would look for the candidates with this certification. If you hold this certification, it clearly indicates that you possess sound knowledge of IT security and administration related tasks.

How to prepare for this exam?

There are many videos available online, and training boot camps conducted offline. You can attend the training to learn the pattern of exams. Moreover, the training centers would conduct a mock test of the exam. This helps you to prepare for the exam well. The course curriculum will keep on changing year by year. The updated curriculum will be taught in the training centers. You can prepare yourself or seek the help of professionals who already have this certification for guidance.

Topics covered in the exam

  • Security threats, attacks, and vulnerabilities
  • Latest technologies and tools
  • Security Architecture and design
  • Managing risks
  • Cryptography and PKI
  • Identity management

How to earn Security+ certification?

This exam has come into light since October 4, 2017. To pass this exam, every candidate should be proficient in security concepts and should possess the following skills

  • Install and configure a security network, devices, and applications
  • Conduct threat analysis and find out the right techniques to mitigate the threat
  • Take part in risk mitigation activities
  • Follow the applicable security policies, laws and regulations

Tips to qualify in this exam

When you are preparing for this certification exam, you need to keep these tips in mind.

  • Search for CompTIA Security+ (SY0-501) self-guide: This guide will give you ample knowledge of security concepts. There are many such guides available online. You need to pick the right one that guides you in cracking the exam.
  • Take CompTIA Security+ (SY0-501) training: There are many training courses available online at affordable prices. You can attend the classes of expert trainers who have a pool of experience in preparing candidates for this exam. This helps you learn critical topics on which most questions would be asked in the exam.

Final words

CompTIA Security+ certification will boost your career. Though passing this exam is not a piece of cake, but by taking proper training and reading the best guides would help you turn as a certified CompTIA specialist. Earlier this exam was known as SY0-401 but the company update it to 501 now and it is valid from Oct 2017. So, we are wishing you a great luck for this exam which will add so many fruits to your career and make you a better IT personality. If you have more queries you can ask us in comment section, we would love to read you.