A few days ago, Archos announced a fresh new way of computing… all from one tiny USB stick, that can be plugged into anything with an HDMI input.

Archos have produced a very sleek ‘PC Stick’, that when inserted into any HDMI input, typically found on your TV, will gain you access to your very own personal computer within seconds. Keyboards, mice, and other accessories are also connectable to the PC Stick directly via Bluetooth or USB port in order to interact with the content of the device. Keyboard applications or game controls on Windows, Android, or iOS smartphones and tablets are also connectable, transforming any smartphone or tablet into a keyboard compatible with the Archos PC Stick.

The stick comes complete with the brand new Windows 10 operating system, as well as Microsoft office mobile applications, straight out of the packaging. You can also enjoy using Cortana, if you’re unaware, this is the Windows personal assistant that can help with your day to day queries.

The spec of this tiny PC looks pretty good:

CPU – Intel Atom Quad Core 1.33 GHz
GPU – Intel HD (Gen 7) / Dual Core
Storage – 32GB flash (Expandable via Micro SD) Connectivity – WiFi, RF, Bluetooth, Micro USB, USB

The stick itself weighs in at just 60 grams, sits comfortably in your hand and is very portable. We imagine the stick will be best used for day to day tasks and not include gaming, but at £79 it sounds like it could be a must buy for many people for multiple applications.

We will try and get one sent to us so we can give you an honest opinion about how the stick performs.

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