Hello! Welcome back to the channel and this weeks episode of 180 Tech Chat. It’s actually been a pretty quiet week for news, with our inboxes being full of Black Friday deals that aren’t really that much of a deal. Let’s run through the news that has made the headlines.

First up, Apple and AR or augmented reality. According to some recent research published online, Apple will be releasing their first AR headset in the fourth quarter of 2022. Nothing has formally been announced by Apple yet but the headset may come with two processors, one equating to the same level of computing power as their M1 chip, the other somewhat lesser but will be used for more basic tasks. The headset is also said to come with two 4K OLED microdisplays from Sony. Who and what this will be used for has not yet been defined. Will it be an attachment to your iPhone or Mac? Or will it have its own ecosystem, allowing third parties to get involved? Time will tell and there is plenty of scope in the market for a new headset. 

On the TV front, we’ve heard Amazon is nearing a deal with EA to develop a TV series based upon the Mass Effect video games. If you’ve played the games and have enjoyed them, this will be right up your street. Amazon are pushing into their Sci-fi/fantasty more than ever, Wheel of Time has recently premiered and we cannot forget about the Lord of the rings series thats set to come out next year. If they are still in the negotiation stage, it needs to be written and shot, so likely we will see anything next year but spring 2023 sounds do-able right? I’m all for it and it’s great to see Amazon getting well and truely stuck in with some new series.

We have to give a shoutout to Mr Beast. I’m fairly sure you’ve seen his latest video, some 60 million people have so far. It’s his recreation of the hit Netflix show, Squid Game. It’s been reported to cost a cool 3.5 million dollars and I have to take my hat off. He’s changing the game, no expense spared and it’s such a quality video. So if you haven’t seen it, go right now and watch it.