Alienware has announced an array of new products but the one I’ve been watching closely is called Concept Polaris. Now, some time ago, Alienware made something called the Alienware Graphics Amplifier, it came out in 2014 so some of you may remember it. Essentially it was an external GPU housing, to boost your laptop gaming experience. Step forward to 2022, they’ve announced Concept Polaris which is essentially a new and improved version of the amplifier, giving gamers the benefit of desktop-level graphics on their mobile gaming solutions. 

Ok, so what do we know so far. Visually, it’s in keeping with current Alienware products, it looks like a very cute, mini Aurora PC, including the Alien FX loop lighting which we all love. The unit itself can be oriented both vertically and horizontally, making it ideal for those with limited desk space. 

Concept Polaris - left view - embargoed until Jan 4 copy

Power-wise, important, some GPU’s now really do require a lot of juice. There are two power options, option one delivers power through two 330w AC adapters and, the other variant can utilize two 425w AC adapters. 

Small box, big GPU, cooling plays a big part and this has been considered. The dimensions of this concept allow for off-the-shelf full-size 16-inch desktop gaming graphics cards. This is liquid-cooled – of course – with their 240mm Cryo-TechTM cooling solution including their thermal interface material, Element 31, which is used in their newer Aurora PC’s. They’re saying overclocking your GPU through the command centre shouldn’t be a problem.

oncept Polaris - Open - embargoed until Jan 4 copy

Connection wise, Thunderbolt 3 and 4, plus USB-4 which is cool, we don’t hear much about USB 4 just yet but it will become mainstream. There will also be USB A, USB C and 2.5Gb Ethernet ports. 

Concept Polaris, it’s in the name, this is a concept and isn’t in mass production yet. Things might change, I imagine Alienware are keen to see the response of this news, try and gauge if there is a market for it, do gamers want something different, some other features that haven’t been mentioned but need to be added. The idea is sound, GPU enclosures aren’t new, other brands make them and I think there is a market for them, which Alienware may join in the near future.