Right where did we get to last time 1996? Yup, that sounds about right. Well it was the year that Charles and Diana divorced so it seemed like a good time to part ways. Also, Windows 95 was running then and I doubt it needed an update every bloody week, I use my laptop for writing and honestly if I could go back to having a laptop that didn’t need to update itself every single time I used it that would be greeeeeattttt! Lets get back to that list shall we?


Blood, 1997 (DOS)
Blood was an FPS developed by 3D Realms, hot off the heels from their success with Duke Nukem. In Blood you play as dead gun-slinger Caleb in an unknown period of time that has been brought back from the grave, Army Of Darkness style to kill lots of zombies. The plot is weak but you didn’t need a plot in a 3D Realms game, just a lot of guns, gore and enemies to kill which were mainly, you guessed it, zombies. The weapons are plenty with things like a pitchfork, sticks of dynamite, a flare gun and even skulls and voodoo dolls. The game was a success. It’s to be noted that there were other clones of Duke Nukem with zombies included in the same period of time such as Zombie Massacre but we’re not here to talk about clones.


Carrier, 2000 (Dreamcast)
carrier dreamcast
Carrier was a fully 3D survival horror game. Being fully 3D in the year 2000 was an accomplishment for the Dreamcast. The game was set on a ship where you fought to survive the hideous zombie infection. Think Dead Space. There were some great mechanics in game as well such as an infrared scope used to see if crew members were infected. Very reminiscent of the scene with the blood test from The Thing. Now at this point I feel its important to skip forward a few years as the format of zombie based games hadn’t changed much since the launch of our next title.


Dead Rising, 2006 (Xbox 360)dead rising

Dead Rising was an early title released on the Xbox 360 and I always remember it reminding me of Dynasty Warriors but with zombies… in a mall… with a journalist… I don’t know why I always made that comparison but this game was unashamedly fun. It didn’t take itself too seriously. I remember being in awe at the sheer number of zombies in-game. A highlight was when you eventually got a car in the tunnels and was able to smash into so many zombies that the car eventually broke down. The sheer feeling of terror wondering how you were going to escape an underground car park full of zombies in the pitch black was superb. Capcom really delivered in this title. The sandbox element and massive arsenal of weapons to fight the horde back added a lot of playability. Surprisingly the story to this game was great, well written and executed with lots of memorable scenes. The game was so successful that Capcom went on to make two sequels. 


Left 4 Dead, 2008 (Cross-Platform)
left4dead Left4Dead exploded when it came out. It literally exploded as it got near perfect scores in reviews. It was widely praised as one of the best team based games of the time and it even went gold. Valve continued the tradition of making some of the best games I’ve ever played and the success of this one title firmly cemented the FPS zombie genre up there as a cash cow. Left4Dead done to FPS team games with zombies what Resident Evil did to survival horror games. It raised the bar. There has already been a Left4Dead two which took the same popular mechanics and added few more maps, more weapons and new characters.


The Last Of Us, 2013 (PS3)Thelastofus

Amongst the triad of zombie based games that followed from Left4Dead’s success came The Last Of Us. Another game changer in respect of storyline and plot, this game required a pack of Kleenex to play (easy now!) as it made you feel ‘all dem feels’ at once. This has just been released for PS4 as a remastered title and if you haven’t played it before I implore you to play this now as I don’t even want to go spoil for you the rich plot the game played brilliantly.


Dying Light, 2015 (Cross-Platform)282148_front

Another spin on the zombie sandbox is Dying Light. It incorporated two big game changers. The addition of vertical gameplay with brilliant parkour movement and an in-depth weapon management and the construction of custom weapons. Let’s not speak about the story as it’s utterly awful, but gameplay and visually this game is a banger. If you’re after a good current zombie game this should be your choice. Think Mirror’s Edge with the walking dead following you around.


Well that just about rounds it up folks. Remember, this is a selection of handpicked titles I felt added to the current use of zombies we see in video games today. That said, I hope with both parts you may have heard of a few titles along the way you may have missed in the past, as always please let us know here at TechNuovo what you’re favorite zombie games were in the comment box below. You can find part one of our list here.