7 Reason Why You Need A Roto VR

With the Roto VR chair aiming for release right around the corner, May next year to be exact, we thought we’d put together a list of the top seven reason you need a Roto VR chair in your life. At the beginning of this month, the guys behind the innovative chair won investment giving them some room to get on with a quick release. We’re excited. Are you?

1. The ideal VR companion for retail, event and home use.

2. Combining motor rotation with headtracking – users are auto-turned to wherever they are looking, making 360 viewing immersive, comfortable and safe.

3. Roto’s bi-directional motor allows developers to create scripted 360 journeys; great for games, movies, guided tours and more.

4. No more tangled cables! Plug your USB and HDMI cables into Roto itself – the connector rotates with you, meaning you can turn through a full 360 degrees, again and again, and never get caught up… all while charging your battery!

5. Tactile feedback through Roto’s rumble feature.

6. An optional Roto Table attachment lets you take your accessories with you into 360 VR – just put your joystick, steering wheel, keyboard, mouse on the Roto Table and they’ll be right in front of you, no matter how much you spin around!

7. Works with all headsets, games, movies and peripherals out of the box.

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