Like any other industry, online casino operators are aiming to push the boundaries of tech to give players a better experience. The industry is very competitive, particularly at the level of software development as operators are always looking something new to capture the imagination of players and give them an edge of their competitors.

Below, we take a look at five trends to keep an eye on through 2019 and beyond.

Augmenting the Live Dealer Experience

Some would argue that live dealer casino games, i.e. the process of streaming real dealers and games to your device, is not just as popular as it should be. Operators have reacted in the last couple of years, experimenting with more augmented reality and interactive experiences. Don’t be surprised to see more live dealer games come out that veer away from the classics – blackjack, roulette, poker – and move towards board games (Monopoly has already launched) and perhaps even skill-based games. There are a lot of possibilities, and it might change the way we think about online casino.

Pushing those Jackpots Ever Higher

Progressive jackpot technology has enabled the biggest jackpots ever recorded to be paid out in the last couple of years. Now we see more of a trend in linking series of games together. A trusted casino where you can see this is, which hosts several series of games which have interconnected jackpots, including the sports-themed jackpot games – Top Trumps Sporting Legends. This is all about economies of scale: More games connected with more players leads to bigger and more frequent progressive jackpot payouts. 

Multi-Player Games

If immersion is the biggest buzz word in the casino industry, community is a not too distant second place. Online casino has long been cited as an example of digital disruption, but it has, by and large, not replaced the physical casino industry. One of the reasons for this is that playing casino games online is still something of a solitary experience. There are a handful of multi-player games out there, but you should expect that list to start growing so you can connect with friends to play slots and other fun games.

Bitcoin Casinos

But this in the maybe pile, perhaps. The volatility of cryptocurrencies of value means it is a difficult calculation for any casino to make when offering odds on a game. Consider that the price of your bet could rise or fall dramatically by the time the roulette wheel stops spinning. Yet, there are signs that major financial institutions and brand like Facebook are exploring the idea of ‘stablecoins’, basically cryptocurrencies which are linked to major national currencies to instil stability. Could this lead to renewed enthusiasm for spending crypto at online casinos? It remains to be seen, but certainly don’t rule it out.

Explosive 3D Gaming

3D casino games have been around for a while, but the graphics technology continues to make them better with each release. A couple of titles that have really started to show what can be done with 3D technology include Yggdrasil’s new release, Vikings, and NetEnt’s Finn and the Swirly Spin. Obviously, much of this has to do with the capabilities of your device – laptop, smartphone etc. – and those are increasingly able to make the perfect 3D experience too. The good news is that the 3D experience can be delivered without having to wear any special glasses either.