New and exciting technologies are constantly entering the scene, giving various sectors around the world access to innovative resources that were once only figments of their imagination. One of these breakthrough technologies that has exploded in recent years is live streaming. Although it initially debuted in the 90s, live streaming didn’t gain widespread popularity until the foundation of YouTube and other social networks like Facebook that enabled it to flourish. Nowadays, the technology is being applied as a useful tool for marketing and entertainment in dozens of different industries. Here we take a look at four which have jumped on the live streaming trend.


Retailers worldwide are using live streaming tech in a variety of ways. Firstly, ‘live stream shopping’ whereby customers watch from remote sites as brands share products and goods, answer questions, and review their experiences, are becoming increasingly prioritized by both sellers and consumers. This innovative eCommerce solution brings a level of excitement and spontaneity to the buying process that traditional retail cannot offer. Not to mention that consumers often have the opportunity to interact with the virtual event host as items are being showcased, either through a chat box or microphone, thus increasing the likelihood that they will act on a certain product.


In terms of live streaming in today’s world, the gaming industry is perhaps the most well-known sector. Here, both professional and amateur gamers take to their devices to record themselves playing different titles as an online audience watches remotely. Gaming platforms such as Twitch and Steam are famous for these types of broadcasts, with some streamers garnering millions of subscribers. The Esports industry also heavily relies on live streaming, with fans being able to tune into major high-profile tournaments from home thanks to the technology. In addition to players using these live video services, online casino gaming brands also apply the technology in order to offer users with ‘Live Casino’ or ‘Live Dealer’ games. For example, in today’s virtual casino environment, there are several different versions of online Blackjack available, such as Live Blackjack in which a trained croupier facilitates gameplay in real-time, or more standard versions which do not feature a live dealer. These Live variants that are filmed from real life casino studios are made possible because of live video technology.

Training and Education

Universities and schools are using live streaming tech to connect with their students in bigger and better ways. Not only can instructors increase productivity by using the technology, but pupils are also given more freedom to facilitate the learning process in the way they see fit. Whether a teacher is running their lesson from an online classroom or from their real-life school, students have the ability to access material and ask questions from wherever they may be located geographically. This also creates an enhanced motivation to study and master different concepts, as modern learners appreciate technology-driven learning tools.


Live streaming in sports is huge. After all, the ability to tune into important games and matchups at any time and place is an invaluable aspect of fandom for many supporters. Sports streaming means that all people can watch the game they love without a cable subscription. Aside from the entertainment aspect, the technology also allows sports brands to market themselves to new audiences since they are not limited by television viewers.

So, there you have it- these are just a few industries that are making use of live streaming technology, with many more brands and businesses joining them each and every day. Perhaps you are also interested in joining the live streaming movement, but do not know which device to purchase to help you get started. One suggestion for the modern users is the GoPro Hero 7 Action Cam which has a great live streaming service that allows people to connect the technology straight to their smartphone and stream directly to Facebook. Not to mention it boasts in superb video quality and resolution specs.