3DU Whoosh 3D Screen Protector Review

3D is not a new thing and can be found pretty much on every TV you purchase from a shop now. It was exciting, then people realised the technology still isn’t quite there but it continues to be developed. 3DU manufacture screen protectors that allow you to watch 3D content on your mobile phone. In brief, the 3DU Whoosh 3D screen protector instantly converts photos and videos to 3D, with a little help from an app. We got sent a sample to see if it actually works and if so, how good it was.

First off, I took a look at the official 3DU website to find out a little more about the screen protector and after seeing images like the below on the site. I got quite excited and thought a video of me eating a doughnut might actually come out of my screen to greet me! That’s not quite the case and in fact, the screen protector adds depth to your phone exactly like your TV might. In essence, the screen protector is acting in the same way as a pair of 3D glasses you would use when watching your 3D TV. The protector is available for iPhone 5s, 5c and 6, so unfortunately is quite limited at present.

The screen protector comes well packaged. The packing is informative and quite simple but it protects the screen protector very well, which is a must considering it costs £30. The packaging actually converts into a mini work station that easily allows you to install the screen protector onto your phone. This is genius! I mean, I’m so impressed with this because I’m sure you too, have struggled in the past to smoothly install a protector without bubbles! This mini workstation allows you to securely hold your phone and has a special smoothing tool that you push down and up to install the protector. It’s very well thought out and actually does a very good job! Within the packaging you get the tools to clean your screen, such as a wipe and cloth, as well as instructions that you really need to follow and a registration code that allows you to use the app. Installation was a breeze and zero bubbles were made!


The screen protector doesn’t have any magic powers of sorts, so you need to download the official Whoosh app, which is free to download from the iTunes store. Once downloaded, you need to register for an account and insert the registration code I mentioned earlier. Once activated, you’re greeted by a home screen with a number of options. Options allow you to record videos, share files, search the web for 3D and 2D content, set up TV channels and information. Select what you want to do and away you go!

So I watched a variety of 3D and 2D content with the screen protector and it does work as expected. It gives the illusion of depth to your phone and thus, making things appear as 3D. Things do not jump out at you like at theme parks! There are a few pros and cons to the protector that I found:

– Converts 2D to 3D quite well.
– Thick protector which should provide decent protection for the screen.
– Create your own 3D videos.
– Does give the illusion of 3D!
– Variety of options/adjustments when watching 3D & 2D content.

– App can only be used in horizontal view, it wont tilt vertically.
– When not using 3D, the screen protector makes my screen slightly grainy as it isn’t completely transparent.
– App in general looks a little cheap.
– Have to plug phone into PC to watch own content.

The screen protectors currently sell for £30 which is a little steep for a protector and I have to say, I feel it’s a little gimmicky. How often will you actually want to watch a 3D movie on your phone? That being said, it does work and you might enjoy it very much! For further info and to purchase, visit the official 3DU website.

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