‘Tis the season to be jolly… yet again! Of course we’re excited about it. The Christmas food, the parties, the pulling of crackers and the chance to see your families all in one place. Perfect. Oh, I forgot the presents! This Christmas Gift Guide is here to give you ideas of what to get your loved ones. Check it out, let us know what you like. And from all of us at TechNuovo… have a wonderful merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Propel Star Wars Battle Drones

So after reviewing these a while back now, we think that the Star Wars drones could fit the bill for the higher tiered Christmas gift for the kids. Now to use these to their full potential, you need two. so keep that in mind. Essentially they’re battle drones, which means you need to fly these around and shoot lasers at eachother to knock your opponent’s fighter out the air.  But if you just want to fly around one of the iconic Star Wars vehicles in your living room, then one of these would be perfect. Connect them to your phone and you’ve got yourself an interface with all kinds of info including lives left. Check out the Propel website for more info and pricing.

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Griffin Survivor Phone Cases

If a new phone is on the cards this Christmas, then why not pair it with a one of a kind rugged case from Griffin? Branded the Survivor, it has been drop tested from up to 7ft or around 2.1 meters. If you’re a clumsy person, then this case could save your shiny new phone from some imminent cracking. You can find more information on the range of Survivor cases on the Griffin website.


Slither.io Toy Range

Have you heard of Slither.io? No? Where have you been?! Slither.io has been a huge hit across the globe, with an impressive 124 million games played each month in the UK and now, a new toy range has been released. The toy range includes collectable Slither.io creatures and bendable plush toys. Created with the uniquely colourful features recognisable from Slither.io, they are the must-have toys for legions of fans. Available at affordable prices, they are also great for stocking fillers and gifts. Were talking very affordable, prices start at £3.99 and go upto just £10.99. If you haven’t played it yet, give it go via internet browser or app!



PNY Wireless Charging Base

With chi-charging becoming a thing, why not get ready for the boom that’s bound to happen within the next six months or so? PNY has got a fantastic charging base for newer mobile phones, enabling users to charge without faffing around with microUSB ports and cables trailing about the place. They also made a pretty neat desk companion too. You can find more information on the PNY website.


House Of Marley – Positive Vibrations 2 Headphones

House Of Marley are back again with a fresh set of cans! This time its with the Positive Vibrations 2 wireless headphones, an on-ear headphone with big drivers, precision sound, a foldable design and Bluetooth connectivity for maximum portability. These headphones are available in black, denim blue and white, they offer a 12 hour playback battery life and are constructed with FSC certified wood. HoM have a promotion on right now and you can get these for just £49.99! We’ve actually tried this and we liked them alot!



Astrobot from Jimu Robots

We recently reviewed the Jimu Robots Astrobot and instantly fell in love! This little robot can be constructed into three different characters, a humanoid, an anthropomorphic wheeled vehicle or a treaded mobile robot. Each robot is constructed out of a variety of components including servo motors, LED lights, infrared sensor and even a speaker. Building one of the characters is incredibly easy, thanks for a very impressive, 3D visual instruction manual included within the free app. Once built, you can programme a number of your own commands or use some already set up, including full movement control, dancing, boxing, clapping, the list goes on. This is a great educational and fun gift for any child! It currently retails at just under £180 and is available to purchase now.



Audible Gift Membership

If you’re a fan of novels, but don’t actually find the time to read them, then an Audible Gift Membership for a loved one might be on the cards. Aduible gives you access to 250,000 titles to choose from including original dramas, celebrity-narrated classics, fascinating non-fiction, and much more. Gift membership costs start from as little as £23.99 a month for three months. This will give the recipient unlimited access to those books. So why not give the gift of literature to a loved one this Christmas?


NBA 2K18 (Xbox/PS4)

Fan of the NBA? Well now you can live it. There’s an exciting career mode which puts you in the shoes of your very own NBA player coming from the streets, right up to the big leagues. Expect your favourite teams and elite players. It even takes advantage of the Xbox One X’s extra power so expect some 4K HDR goodness, as long as you’ve got the TV for it that is. It’s also available on PS4 too if you’re one of  those people.


Nikon W100 Compact Camera

Look for a camera perfect for the whole family to take away on holiday? This waterproof beauty is extremely simple to use, and better yet, takes 13.2 megapixel images and some decent full HD 1080p video. It’s extremely simple to use with its large button design and minimalist easy to navigate menu system. It will need an SD card to store your photos and videos though. It comes with some on board storage, but it’s tiny. For more information, please visit the Nikon website.


WallRacer from Hawkin’s Bazaar

If remote control vehicles  are your thing, then why not look into the WallRacer from Hawkin’s Bazaar? This nippy little car does exactly what it says on the box, rides walls. Zip up and down the walls or ceiling in a flurry of twists and turns. And if it gets dark, don’t worry; there is a working front and rear light that will guide the way. The car can come in two different colours, being blue or red, so you will never ever get confused on which car is yours. You can find them at Hawkin’s Bazaar online and they only cost £15.


Root 7 Himalayan Salt Shots

There’s no doubt that alcohol will be in foll flow this Christmas, as you know us Brits, we love to get a little boozy. So we thought this unique set of shot glasses from Root 7 may be a great gift idea. The shot glasses are made from genuine salt from the Himalayan Mountains. What’s unique about them is that they will leave your Tequila with a salty favour, removing the old tradition of salt, shot, lime. It mades pounding those shots back even easier. You can check them out for yourself on the Root 7 website.


Amazon Echo

With prices coming down, why not jump on the Alexa bandwagon and introduce this smart AI into your home? The Echo speaker is able to connect to various smart products around your home, and even order you a takeaway. The Amazon Echo now comes in a variety of colours so you can really match this device with your home decor. You can find more information on Amazon themselves.



MODIUS is a revolutionary new careable technology which helps you reduce body weight and gain a leaner body. MODIUS is cutting edge technology developed by neuroscientists based in San Diego, California. It works by stimulating a part of the brain that has been shown to naturally influence body weight and help achieve a leaner body. You can find more information on their Indiegogo campaign.



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