2 in 1 Headphones Launch Kickstarter Campaign


That’s right, 2 in 1 headphones, who would have thought it. The thought process behind this new idea is that you may wish to share your music with the people around you. One minute you’re listening to music on the tube, on your own, the next your headphones turn into portable speakers so your friends can enjoy the music too!

“VERTO Headphones are the most versatile headphones ever made. Their innovation gives users complete freedom to switch from a pair of regular high-fidelity headphone to a portable loudspeaker in seconds. Thanks to its ingenious Dual-sided Coaxial Unit, VERTO houses a two sided audio system within a single compact design. This unique audio circuit switches and activates between sides with just a simple twist of the headphone. Plus you can control everything (i.e. volume, music, calls, virtual assistant, etc.) from the touch of a single button.”

The tech behind this idea involves developing two different speakers, into one. “We designed a whole new way to switch between headphone and speaker call “Dual-sided Coaxial Unit.” The speaker has two sides and shares one core. One side is a 40mm headphone unit, and the other is a loudspeaker unit. With the specially developed circuit, audio can switch between sides easily.

VERTO Headphones include quick charge capability, connect with Bluetooth 5.0 and come with an available (LEVO) stand that supports wireless Qi charging. The stand is a bonus and I don’t think you’d carry that around with you on your travels but thanks to wireless charging technology, the stand can charge your headphones and phone at the same time.

The aesthetic of the headphones is somewhat underwhelming, they look a little clunky and plastic’y, BUT these are prototypes and I’m only looking at images, so I wont judge until I’ve seen them in person.

They’re looking for just over £20,000 in funding, with 17 days left to go. As always, there are a number of packages you can back within this campaign but they are steep. Early bird for just the stand is $269, $699 for just the headphones and a whopping $899 for both together. That’s early bird prices too, I can only imagine what the retail price will be on these!
*** EDIT *** These prices are HKD, so it’s actually about $120USD for the combo.

Intrigued? Head over to the Verto Kickstarter page for more info.

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