Leading gimbal manufacturer Zhiyun have announced their new Crane M3 mirrorless gimbal. Coloured white this time around for a super futuristic look, the Crane M3 claims five industry firsts for looks, versatility and operational performance.

The chassis for starters is white, which looks absolutely amazing, but it could get a little dirty if you’re going to be shooting nature shots or dirt bike racing. Remember to give it a good clean. It’s about the size of a 550ml water bottle, making it super small and very easy to operate.

The M3 is going to be compatible with up to 90% of mirrorless cameras, but remember with each gimbal, you’ve got to remember the lens weight. There’s a quick release plate for easy battery changed without the need to keep rebalancing which is super handy. There’s also an expansion base for connecting a microphone, or even some kind of wireless receiver. There’s also a built-in 800 lumin light too strapped to the side of the gimbal, to more easily light a subject during interviews or product shoots.

An interesting feature is the wireless receiver built into the gimbal, that will enable videographers to connect the gimbal to modern DSLR cameras via Bluetooth, so you can control the camera’s aperture, shutter speed and ISO levels with the joystick. You’ve also got a 1.22-inch screen to make it easier to change settings on the fly.

So what does it all cost? Take a look below.

Standard package: CRANE M3 + standard tripod – £369

Combo package: CRANE M3 + Tripod Plus + Cell Phone Mount + TransMount EasyGo BackPack – £449

Pro package: CRANE M3 + Tripod Plus + Cell Phone Mount + TransMount Shotgun Microphone + TransMount Expansion Base +TransMount EasyGo BackPack – £649

Universal TRANSMOUNT Quick Release plates are available for the following camera models: ​​Sony α7M3; Sony α7C; Sony α6000; Sony α7S; Sony ZV-E10; Canon M50; Nikon Zfc; Fuji X-S10; Fuji XT-4.