Zhiyun are releasing a brand new gimbal, called the Zhiyun Crane 2S. It’s modelled on their original Craze 2, and absolutely packs a punch when it comes to features included.

There are several packages you can buy. You could go for the standard package which includes the gimbal itself, but there’s also the combo package that includes a small set of tripod legs and a very handy side handle. The last package is the pro, which includes the tripod legs and side handle, but it also has some extra batteries, an image transmitter, a follow focus wheel and a phone clamp.

During my tutorial, it was very much sold as a DSLR gimbal, but we were also told that the Zhiyun Crane 2S was also capable of carrying a Black Magic Pocket 6K and even a Canon C100 with included accessories which is a game changer to small form factor gimbals indeed.

What is interesting though is the 12 hour battery life that the Crane 2 offers. Plus if you purchase the pro package, you get more batteries to continue shooting with.

Also during our demo, although it’s not an official feature, we were treated to a demonstration of the motor capability in the Zhiyun Crane 2S. Our instructor was using a Sony A7SII and was switching between different lenses, one big and one small, and there was no need to rebalance the Crane 2S like you would on other gimbals. I can’t say that this feature is unique to the Crane 2S, but it was refreshing to see that the motors were capable of holding different weighs.

The biggest difference between the already released Crane 2 and the 2S is the mounting points. There are now four different mounting points to choose from for various accessories. The Crane 2S is also capabile of vertical shooting too, and transitioning between horizontal and vertical is easy with the quick release plate. It’s held in place by one clip which is easy to use.

So what we looking at price wise for the Zhiyun Crane 2S? For the standard pack, you can find them at $599. While the Combo pack comes in at $649 for the added accessories. The Pro pack? No idea. They haven’t released a price yet.