Zepp Golf Swing Sensor Review

Finding ways to improve your game can be a very time consuming task. Especially on ball sports like tennis, baseball or golf. You have to take on the monotonous task of repeatedly hitting balls to find that perfect technique.

We received a Zepp Golf Swing Sensor to review and try to improve our incredibly rusty golf swings.

The Zepp Golf Sensor comes in a neat box. To open it you have to break the zip-style seal. Inside you can find the sensor itself, a mount to strap it to your glove, a USB charger and set of instructions. The sensor took a few hours to charge through a laptop. We didn’t try it with a USB plug adapter because of the voltage difference.

The sensor pairs to your mobile phone using a Bluetooth connection. Once paired you need to download the relevant sports app. There are three to choose from; golf, baseball or tennis. The initial setup takes you through nine stages asking you about your handicap, type of clubs you use as well as your swing goal.

Using the Zepp Golf Sensor was easy. There are several menus that give you different pieces of information on your swing technique. Each swing the Zepp Golf Sensor detects is stored in a calendar. Of course it’s more than likely you’ll take more than one swing per golfing session so these are stored in a list if you go into a particular day on the calendar.

There are dozens of tutorial videos included within the app to follow. It even syncs with your social networking account so you can show off your skills with a club to the world. If you’re feeling really competitive you can connect multiple sensors to one phone so you can compare golf swings with your friends in real time.

It’s a good app. It seems pretty accurate as well which is a great help. We have only had our hands on the golf version but I can imagine the baseball and tennis versions are rather much the same. They’re all available online from Zepp themselves and also from retail outlets for around¬†¬£129.99 from John Lewis and Argos.

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