Y-Cam Evo WiFi Security Camera Review

Security cameras, especially of the WiFi variety have started making waves in the home security department. Usually most setups are pretty large, are a bit of a pain to set up, and most of all, needs some kind of external recording device such as a hard drive or DVD recorder. However, the Y-Cam Evo, thanks to its small size opposes traditional systems.

The Y-Cam Evo is one of the latest releases into the WiFi home security market. Its small form factor design makes it suitable for most home setups. It takes up a very small surface area and can be hidden on a shelf or bookcase quite well.

The actual camera is only 2″ x 2″ and can be screwed to a small form factor magnetic stand, or placed on a wall using the included screws and rawl plugs. What’s more is that there is really long USB cable included to reach further away power points. The Evo stand is also magnetic so attaching to any metal surfaces is a breeze.


Setup once everything is plugged in is seamless. It took hardly any effort for the camera to talk to the wireless router. The Y-Cam app can be downloaded from the Android Play Store as well as the iOS App Store. Once the app is opened, it requires an initial set up as well as account creation, but this is just following simple steps on-screen. The app will ask for your router password for the camera and router to talk to each other. Once this step is finished, the camera pretty much instantaneously connected.

Once inside the app, there are quite a few options available to you such as quality of video feed, the motion detection area and also a night vision mode for when the lights are off.

The actual Y-Cam app has been one of the better apps I’ve used with a WiFi security camera. The app home screen is split up into separate cameras which is a nice touch. It means that each security camera’s settings can be changed without effecting the others. Once you’re inside a single camera you’re greeted with a live feed where you can record and take stills of what the camera is seeing.

Most other options are accessed from a separate menu as a drop down on the left hand side including your account settings. A surprising feature was the fact that you could set the camera to record once you have left the house using your phones GPS. However, if you’ve got several people hooked up to the camera, it will detect when their phone is back in the house. Not ideal if you want to continue recording if you’re still out.

Although the camera isn’t without its faults, what I would consider a fault, is so small and picky I didn’t think they were worth mentioning. The Y-Cam was extremely reliable, was easy to set up, and actually gave a pretty clear feed once set to the high-definition setting. The price is also pretty fair too. For more information, you can visit the Y-Cam website.