X-Doria iPhone 6/6S Cases Review

Everywhere I look I seem to see cracked iPhone screens. Whether it’s me being nosey on the tube looking over someone’s shoulder while they watch the latest season of Game of Thrones or if one of my friends is showing me their latest holiday snaps on the iPhone, the screen somewhere is cracked. This may just be caused by sheer clumbsiness or complete neglect for taking any kind of protective precautions for their shiny mobiles.

However, X-Doria is a manufacturer focused on designing and making premium protective cases for your beloved iPhones. Specifically, we’re looking at two of X-Doria’s cases for the iPhone 6/6S: The Defence Lux and Defence 360. The cases are generally wrap around features with very different styles of protection. This feature will be reviewing each case singularly to save any kind of confusion between the two we’re looking at.

X-Doria Defence Lux iPhone 6/6S Case

The Defence Lux case acts as a kind of protective skin for the rear of your iPhone 6/6S. There is no front panel to protect the screen so you’ll still have to be careful about impacts here. However, if dropped, the aluminium band around the outside of the case will ensure that any drops the phone may suffer will protect the phone from damage. The rear of the case is covered in a stiff spongy like material called Lux, which is where the case gets its model name from.

x-doria defence lux iphone case 4

The iPhone fits extremely securely between the rubber protective layer. To inset the phone you need to unfasten the clip at the bottom to open the door hinge. Slide your phone inside, reattach the door and fasten with the clip. This mechanism seems very sturdy enough to not worry about it coming open while in your pocket or worse, when holding the phone. If you accidentally snag it, don’t worry too much as the rubber layer on the inside of the case will hold the iPhone in place.

x-doria defence lux iphone case 1

This case has been certified to survive drops of up to two meters. This is pretty high compared to other mobile phone cases which is good. The materials used have actually been military tested so you shouldn’t really worry about this case ever being the cause of damage to your phone. For as little as £29.99, you can get this case yourself in a number of styles from a carbon fibre feel to a faux crocodile skin finish.

x-doria defence lux iphone case 2

X-Doria Defence 360 iPhone 6/6S Case

The Defence 360 acts slightly different to the Lux explained above. The case is made from a very thin plastic type material that wraps around the entire circumference of your phone. The clear plastic will definitely prevent your phone from being scratched while in a bag or pocket, but from drops, I can’t see it providing much impact damage which is a shame. I would have liked to have seen the rear part of the case a little more padded. I know the front needs to stay thin as you can continue to use the phone once the case is on.

x-doria defence 360 iphone case 1

The Defence 360 comes in two parts, a rear and front panel. Both will hook together once wrapped around the phone and are pretty secure. Your power and volume buttons on either side of the phone are still open and there is a cut out for the circle button on the front for ease of use and for finger print compatibility.

x-doria defence 360 iphone case 2

It’s been designed as a clear translucent colour so it doesn’t spoil the aesthetic look of the iPhone itself. So you can still see your iPhone colour choice while keeping it protected. The Defence 360 is available for the 6/6S but also the larger brothers being the 6/6S Plus. It retails for around £19.99 and is available now from Amazon.

x-doria defence 360 iphone case 3


With iPhones being broken every day, it’s advised to get a case for it, and X-Doria do a pretty good job of keeping their cases practical but also aesthetically pleasing. Want to see your iPhone’s colour, the Defence 360 is for you. If you’re likely to be dropping your phone then I’d recommend getting some premium protection with the Defence Lux. Either way, both cases look and perform well with what’s on offer.