Headphones over the last year or so have trickled into the fashion industry. This may be because Dr. Dre has marketed his Beats in this way, or because people are becoming more conscious about what they will look like walking down the road with two beads sticking out their ears.

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Wraps has taken this concept and moulded it to bring a new innovative way of wearing your headphones. They’re called Wraps. When plugged into your music device, they are a conventional set of plugs, but also act as a fashionable bracelet while you are not using them.

The audio quality actually isn’t bad for a budget set of earphones. However, if you are more into your EDM, because of the lack of bass frequencies, these may not be the headphones for you. For your generic pop genres and even moving into rock where solid bass isn’t as prominent, the highs and mids are clear and crisp enough to make these headphones really stand out, not just for the unique styling that they bring to your outfit.

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The interesting side of these is when they’re used as a bracelet for storage. This saves you scrunching them up in your bag which can cause a tangled mess. To ‘wrap’ them round your wrist, you connect the 3.5mm jack into the headphone splitter section to keep them secured to your body.

Although we saw a bright orange flourescent version, the Wraps headphones come in a large number of colours and also styles, from wooden beaded bracelets to a string like patterns. They work well, and would be appealing to a younger audience rather than the more audiophiles among us.

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Retailing at around £19.99 starting price, the Wraps headphones are a budget headphone option that actually sound decent, depending on the music genre you’re listening to. And the added feature of being able to wrap them around your wrist saves a lot of time usually spent untangling wires from storing them in your bag. For more information you can visit the My Wraps website where you will find a whole host of colours and styles to fit your personal fashion.

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