Windows 10 – What We Think

With so many people slowly upgrading to the new Windows 10 operating system we thought it would be a good idea to have a run through of what we liked, and disliked. Microsoft launched their new operating system on the 29th July 2015 in 190 countries over the world, and get this, for free! Existing Windows users get a free upgrade to Windows 10. Is this to bring the world in line with operating systems? We think so.



1. Microsoft Edge

As hardcore users of Google Chrome, we wanted to mention Microsoft Edge, the new web browser pre-installed with Windows 10. The interface looks smart, and is very responsive so even the most inexperienced users can navigate the browser easily. There are also easy to recognise universal icons such as the ‘share’ button and ‘favourites star’ in the top right hand corner. A nice touch is the new Reading Mode which allows users to strip away the sidebars and other content of a webpage so only the article is in view. The Drawing Mode allows users to share notes of webpages with other Edge users. You can literally draw onto the webpage and send it across.

windows 10 4


2. Built-In Antivirus and Security Software

Windows 10 comes pre-installed with their new internet security suite, Windows Defender. Browsing the net can be daunting and users can feel stressed and worried about the websites they visit. Windows Defender actually tells you on-screen in real-time which websites are safe and which ones you should really avoid. Now I know other internet security software suites do this as a standard feature, even the free downloadable ones. The reason it makes our likes list is the fact it comes pre-installed so there is no fuss with downloading a security suite as soon as the desktop hits for the first time. It runs in the background so there are no new windows popping up unexpectedly.

windows 10 7


3. Start Menu Is Back

Our beloved Start button has made a full-time return to Windows 10. They did really drop a clanger with Windows 8 and have gladly learned from their mistakes. Although the tiles have remained, they seem a lot neater and a lot easier to use. You can set these up to house your favourite programs. We liked this idea. Our Windows 7 bottom bar was jam-packed with programs. Keeping them housed inside the Start button makes your desktop look a lot neater.

windows 10 2


4. It’s Available Across The Board

That’s right. Windows 10 has been launched across the board on computers, tablets and mobile smart phones. Ultimate compatibility. This means that using your products would be much easier. You’ll pick up things quicker. This is more aimed at the newer and more inexperienced Windows users but still, it’s a nice feature to have. We haven’t been told if there was any direct compatibility features such as easy file transfers or backup but will keep you posted.

windows 10 6


1. Cortana

I’m sorry, but the popular sidekick from the Halo series just hasn’t won me over this time round. It’s a great feature to have inside Windows, but for me, I feel she needs more work. I have found Cortana to be very inaccurate with some things I’ve asked her. When you think about other digital assistants like Siri, Cortana just doesn’t compare. Sorry Microsoft, but a few more updates may just see me using her more often.

windows 10 3



Windows 10 has impressed us. There is little we can see at fault at the moment and has been what I can remember, one of Microsoft’s most successful launch. It hasn’t even managed to break my third-party software yet. If you’re on a PC with a mouse and keyboard, jump at an upgrade, it’ll be worth it. Tablet users however I wouldn’t yet. The tiles system is still working well for you guys. We’ll keep you posted on Windows 10 in the future.

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